Still Here In Sorrow

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This is a poem that talks about how love comes so fast yet hurt so hard.

Submitted: June 10, 2015

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Submitted: June 10, 2015



Still Here In Sorrow



You came unexpectedly

Like a bee on a flower tree.

I was left with the idea of “Is this really?”

Coz’ I was just fancying of you in every single way.



More often, you irritates me, I swear

But those were the flashes I treasure as well.

Since it tickles me from inside

Feelings and emotions that I hide.



Till you show me the sweet side of yours

It did make me fall deeper of course.

Would I scream or fly so high?

Hmmh! Why not give some try.



Then one day, I saw you walking in a hallway

And I know that you’re not coming back anyway.

Who am I to say please don’t go and stay

If you stated that without me is the merely reason for you to be okay.



I was muddled from your idea of living me

Nothing I can do but just to accept the reality.

I said I had let you go

But why I’m still here in sorrow.





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