EEP-enormous potato planet

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outer space story

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012






Hold back readers were traveling to the future on a planet called EEP, the planet where potatoes are ten times their normal size!!


The EEPians were bursting with excitement. They were jumping up and down with joy. Bouncing with happiness like bobble-heads. They were glad as atlast the universe would know about the huge potatoes they had and actually believed in the EE Pians. They were inviting 5 people from each planet to show them the exhibition of large potatoes growing on the EEp. The EEPians were getting ready fan the arrivals. Candy streamers, ice carpets and more were put up all around the planet. They were very proud of their own potatoes and PRIDE ALWAYS COMES BEFORE A FALL.


There was a huge problem!! Their large potatoes had shrunk and none of the new plants were growing large. The EEP had become the tiny potatoes planet (TTP) the EEPians – whom I will now call TTPians – were disheartened. What would they tell their guests who were coming in about an hour and half. Their  would have to bow down then head in shame all their preparations washed down the drain. The TTPians held a meeting. The room was filled with silence, “Why did we hold an exhibition?” All the others would jeer at us.” “We will become the universal laughing stock”, “Pride does come before” “God save us from being drowned in the river of shame”


Alas, the guests had come. They were taken aback by the decorations, people from all planets had come to the TTP. The earthlings included two farmers first, Scholar and Second Scientists. They were anxious to see the huge potatoes heads bent the 2 hands of the planet come and broke out the news that their potatoes had shrunk. As they had thought all the people jeered at them, except the earthlings. Both the farmers took pity on them and showed them some of the earth potato seeds. Seeing the huge size of the seeds the TTPians convinced the farmers to give it to them in exchange of their ostentations decorations. After planting the seeds a miracle took place. In the different atmosphere the seeds grow into potatoes very quickly. And what potatoes they were huger than the original EPPians potatoes. The now delighted EEPians asked the farmers if they had more. The farmers though puzzled agreed to send a UFO full of potato seeds to them. Again the EPPians started showing off and the people were silenced. They were bursting with excitement once again.



P.S.  The farmers were more puzzled when the same seeds grew slowly into normal sized potatoes on Earth.

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