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Submitted: August 17, 2010

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Submitted: August 17, 2010



I never thought that things would end this way.

It was just a typical English lesson, one of the few rare moments when I actually got to see him in school or at all. We were both ignoring one another, because really, we were done with all those false pretenses. Sometimes, I think he'd wish that I didn't exist. Just so that he'll never have to worry about coping with a crush he never liked. As a friend, yes, he does like me. But as a girlfriend? It was impossible. I wished on several occasions that I'd never found out who this guy was. The hot guy sitting in the corner of the classroom strumming his guitar. But it's now all too late for regrets. I've known him for the past years and caused myself much heartache. If only it could be avoided.

He was reading his magazine beside me; I studied his face intently, like I've always done. There was something about his face today that triggered a marternal instinct in me. So innocent, so childish, as if freed from the harsh reality of the world. I wanted to cradle him in my arms and stroke his hair. His long black hair. No, this wasn't normal for me. But I couldn't help it. This guy, in front of my eyes, has captured my heart, my eyes and my soul. And I loved him with every inch of my body because of that.

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