Fairy Tales Do Not Happen

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(This is just a random idea I got today. I decided to start it now so that I don't forget it.)

Darling has been an orphan since age 10 years of age when her father died in the war that took place between civilians and the government. After the war ended the USA government was no more and only a very few selected places stayed 'civilized'. Now everyone outside of those areas were in packs and had to fight at times to get what they wanted or needed. It's a cruel world outside of civilization but Darling AKA Dare doesn't know anything else but that life anymore. She could hold her own in any fight with anyone.

Jonathan is an adopted rich boy who doesn't know his past but never cared much before his 19th birthday approached. He doesn't know why but he keeps having strange dreams about things he felt actually happened. He has dedicated himself to staying in shape and learning how to fight since the war went down. In fact he has a whole giant room full of weapons and equipment. Since his parents are all about business and parties he pretty much does what he wants which is anything but what they do. Once his parents finally realized that he never went to any parties they force him to throw a birthday bash.
That's where they meet. Dare and Jonathan come from two completely seemingly different worlds. The rich kids have always been raised to treat anyone outside of 'civilization' as if they were diseased animals. Any different would be an abomination. But if Dare was truly a diseased uncivilized animal, why is Jonathan so drawn to her from the moment he meets her?

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Submitted: September 16, 2012

  Darling The world is filled with stupid little stories called fairy tales that are cleaned up to give false hope. They tel... Read Chapter

Submitted: September 17, 2012

  Jonathan Tonight was going to be more exhausting than a few hours of working out. I glared at the punching bag in front of... Read Chapter