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Summary below. Story idea and could be coming soon.

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012



Brett's has had to take care of his sister for years because his parents can't seem to remember they exist. All they do is ignore everything and everything around them or fight. Once unpon a time they had been a happy family but when the fighting started it feel apart and crumbled. Brett's dad said that love doesn't last it will always fade with time. After a while Brett found out that he was actually living by what his father said. He never once let any girl stick around once they tried to get a hold on his heart. Being too close was not welcomed when it came to Brett. The only person he let's close is his 6 year old sister Kathie. 

Riley's mother passed away 3 years ago and afterwards her father caused their broken family to crumble into dust. He started drinking and losing job after job which caused them to have to move to a smaller and crappy place. With the change of home came a change of school. Riley's father had already started beating her about a month or two after her mother's death. It caused her to pull away from people and never want anyone to get close. Every day was a struggle because she had to hide the bruises that her father left behind from his cruel treatment. 

Riley and Brett's school seem to keep pushing them together. Could they possibly clash?



Riley Summers 


Brett Chapton 


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