The day it all died to me

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A poem about a vampire that had just been turned.

Submitted: April 10, 2009

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Submitted: April 10, 2009



"Will you follow these laws young one?" They said to me on that night, that oh so fateful night when they turned me. Gawking at these beautiful and pale faces I nodded my head. Looking back on that day I feel like a foolish mortal instead of the undead.

"What are these laws?" I had said, he picked me up. "Come and I shall show you." One spoke, with that I was somewhere new.

The sight I saw. How horrid! Burning flesh, it caused my stomach to flip. Oh how sick it was to see this. "What rule did he break?" My voice was quiet and very sad. "Music my dear, he played songs on that violin, such a thing can’t exist in our world." The man replied, I stared at the burning figure and the burning violin. That day music died to me.

Again, he took me away; once again a figure was cast upon the fire. "Which law did she break?" I asked looking upon the man’s pale and marble-like face. "She read books young one, such things aren’t accepted in our world." He said. As I looked onto the pale limbs in the fire and breathed in the scent of burning books. That day literature died to me.

I shook and shivered as he brought me to some other dark place. Three vampires, two male and one female were in the flames. On the other side of the fire; five humans lied with their blood drained. "What law did they break and why were humans killed as well?" I asked. "They told the humans of our existence young on, no one shall ever know we exist in their world." The man replied. I yet again looked into the flames and stared at the bloodless bodies on the ground. That day humanity died to me.

Once more he took me away, I wasn’t surprised to see the flames that rose. But as I looked into the flames I saw a man and woman holding each other tightly. They seemed afraid yet happy. "Why did these two have to die?" I asked the man once again. "Love, my dear. Love is a thing that can’t exist in our world." Feeling fully drowned in darkness I looked into the flames. That day love died to me.

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