broken promises

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Logan is lost, in a decimated city with no memory of what recent events occurred, and runs into a horrifying creature

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013




A man lays unconscious in the middle of the street. His eyes flutter open and gets up. He looks around curiously and sees he is right on the outskirts of a city. He thinks to himself, “I can’t remember anything…”

The man walks through the city aimlessly. The city is as silent as death. He yells “Hello?! Is anybody out here?!” with still no answer. As he’s walking, he notices most of the buildings are destroyed or burnt to ashes.

As the sun began to set, Logan sees a strange figure sprinting across the street. “HEY! Over here!” Suddenly, the figure halts and turns slowly to face Logan. As the last rays of dying sunshine hit the creatures face, Logan sees its face is decaying and showing its internal flesh. Its eyes were bloodshot and a disgusting yellow shade. Its mouth had sick twisted teeth sharper than knives and chunks of flesh in between each tooth. Its clothes were torn to shreds and rags that resembled a police officer’s uniform. Then everything went dark as the sun went below the horizon. He hears something sprinting towards his, and a cold hand grips his throat. He pulls his arm back quickly and punches the creature in the head. With a shock he feels its head fall of in his hands, and screams like a little girl. Then he hears a crowd sprinting towards him and realizes they’re more creatures. He quickly looks around and sees a gun shop with its lights still on. He sprints towards it, but feels hands clawing at his back. He barely gets inside and slams the door shut. He turns around and slides to the ground breathless. “What the hell was that?” he says to himself.

He yawns and lies down on the floor to go to sleep. As his eyes begin to close, he thinks to himself, “Who am I?”

“Logan! Logan help!” a women yells in terror. The man sees himself in the third person standing in the middle of a park. He yells “I'm right here, it’s alright! Where are you?!”

“Get it off m...”, but she’s cut off with a tearing noise. Logan sprinted towards the voice, and sees a creature sitting on top of a woman. He yells “Get away from her!”

As Logan wakes up, he finds himself staring at the ceiling of the gun shop

“Well, I’m going to sleep already, goodnight.” she said.


3:00 AM

Logan dreamed that he was standing outside one late night in the park under a thick rain. He saw Emily walking away from him in the rain. He yelled to her to come back but his voice was lost in the wind. As he looked to his right, he saw one of the creatures. It’s disgusting eyes were clearly visible in the downdraft. It wore a black hoodie and black faded jeans. Then the creature began sprinting towards her. Logan screamed “LOOK OUT!!!”, but she hadn’t heard him. The creature leaped towards Emily as she fell. The creature leapt on top of her and began clawing at her. Logan was frozen in his place forced to watch this gruesome scene. Then her body stopped wiggling underneath it. Logan yelled “NOOOO!!! GET AWAY FROM HER!!!” Then the creature got off of the body and sprinted into the night. Tears flowed from his face as he looked at her body lying there. “NOOOO!!!” he screamed. He stood up and walked slowly towards her. Logan began to sob uncontrollably as tears still flowed from his eyes. He then sat down next to her and cradled her in his arms like he would a baby. He bent his head over her as he cried quietly. He remained there for hours until he stopped shaking. He bent his head up and screamed at a black sky…

6:00 AM

Logan woke up crying. After a few minutes he stands up. He walks to a nearby window and looks outside. He sees dark figures stumbling around the street moaning. He notices Sarah stand up. “You’re up early, what’s wrong?” She notices Logan’s expression was afraid. “Nothing just worried. We should get moving before the sun rises.” he says. 10:00 AM

Logan and Sarah ran through the city looking cautiously down every street. “Where was the last time you saw John?” he asked.

“At the house, but when I woke up, he was gone”

“Well if I know John, and unfortunately I do, he’s probably at the bar getting drunk.”

12:00 PM

Logan and Sarah walk up to the bar and see it’s boarded up. Sarah yells “John!! Open the door!!”

“Not too loud Sarah or we’ll be heard.” says Logan.

“Sarah?” says a voice inside the bar.

“John!!! Open the door!!!” she yells.

“Sarah, be quiet!” says Logan.

“Open the freaking door John!!!” says Sarah.

“In a minute honey, let me have a few more drinks.” says John drowsily. Logan sees a huge amount of shadows approaching. “Sarah?” says Logan nervously.

“What!” she snaps.

“YOU NEED TO SHUT UP!!!!” yells Logan. He pulls out an M-16 and watches the streets cautiously. He sees hundreds of creatures sprinting towards them from all angles. Logan fires at the crowds as they rush towards them. RATATATATAT. “Sarah, hurry up!!!” says Logan.


“Alright already!!!” yells John. He unlocks the door as Logan and Sarah run inside. Then they close the door gasping. Sarah stands up and gives John a look that would scare the devil. “Oh great.” says John. Then he passes out…

6:00 PM

John wakes up to see Logan and Sarah staring at him. Logan is laughing and Sarah looks like steam would start coming out of her ears at any second. “Hey guys.” he says nervously. “She is pissed. Hahahaha, you might want to start running.” says Logan.

“Hey Logan?” says Sarah.


“Get me the rocket launcher.” she says in an evil tone.

“Where the hell did you get a freaking rocket launcher?”

“It was in the back of guns shop. Apparently, the owner was very prepared.”

“Now, honey, don’t do anything you’re going to regret.” says John nervously.

“I found it!” yells Logan excitedly. He walks towards Sarah with an enormous rocket launcher and hands it to her. She puts it on her shoulder and points it to John. “Now remind me again, you needed a few more drinks?” she says. John gulps as a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. “Sarah, don’t do it. You’ll blow me up.”, says John.

“Naw!!! You’ll just go poof into a flower!!!” yells Logan sarcastically. As she put her finger on the trigger John yelled “Alright, I’m sorry!!!” Sarah then put the gun down and walked away. A look of relief came across his face. Logan walks towards John and says “That woman is crazy. I have no idea how you are still married to her.” and beams at John. “Because that’s the thing I love about her.”, says John

“Well good luck with that." Logan says and walks away laughing.

“Ha-ha …… Screw this, I’m having another beer.”

8:00 PM

John was standing inside the bar and Logan was sitting in the front. “What can I get for you today sir?” says John. “Bartender, I’ll have a bud light with a lime on the side.” says Logan.

“I’m sorry sir but we don’t have that type of beer here.”

“What! I’ll just have to do something about that then, huh?” Logan pulls out two pistols and says, “Give me the money!” John opens the cash register and pulls out tons of one hundred dollar bills and throws them at Logan. “Ha-ha! Who would have thought a bar had so much money!” Yells Logan happily.

“There are some weird people in this town. But we’re rich!!!” says John

“Quit messing around you guys!” yells Sarah.

“Were looking for Emily tomorrow, right?” asks John.

“Yeah, but we should go to sleep already.” says Logan. He walks to his sleeping bag and lies down. “Good night.” he says.

“Good night Logan.” says Sarah.

“Night Logan.”

2:00 AM

Logan dreamed he was walking away Emily’s body. He saw John and Sarah surrounded by disgusting creatures. Logan began sprinting towards them but was too late. He saw them being trampled by the creatures. Logan pulled out his AK-47 and fired with rage. “Get off of them!!!” He could feel the adrenaline pulsing through his veins. Every movement was clear and detailed. He could see individual bullets as they went through their foreheads. Once the dust cleared, he saw bodies scattered everywhere surrounding John and Sarah. He ran towards their bodies and saw their pink internal flesh and torn skin. He felt their pulse and realized they were dead as tears streamed down his face. He stood up and yelled as he began trembling. He howled at the sky as the clouds cleared showing a half moon. Logan heard screeches and realized the creatures were coming and he began sprinting away. Everything was moving past him so fast he could only see blurs of colors. He came to a halt to see he was by a lake. He felt incredibly strange. He decided to see his reflection in the lake and what he saw was startling. He stared at his eyes. One was a sick yellow, greenish like one of the creatures while the other was a usual light brown. His face was more angled and dark in a surprised yet wicked expression. He opened his mouth and saw his teeth had sharp points but were shorter than the usual creatures. “What happened to me?!?!”

9:00 AM

“Ahhh!” yelled Logan as he jumped out of bed.

“Logan, calm down, it’s just a dream!” yelled Sarah. She looked at Logan with a worried expression. “Are you alright?” asked John

“Yeah, just had a dream.” said Logan.

“We should get going already Logan. Are you ready?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

12:00 PM

Logan, Sarah and John were walking through the park looking around cautiously. “We should split up; so that they’re being a better chance we’ll find her. You and John will go together and I’ll go alone.” says Logan.

“Alright, will you be ok by yourself Logan?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah, just go…” he says. Logan began walking the opposite direction Sarah and John were walking. “See you’s guy’s later.” says Logan.

“Alright, see you later.” says John and Sarah in unison.

1:00 PM

Logan walked through the park searching for any sign Emily had been there. He notices a sweater lying on a bench. He walks over and picks it up. “This is Emily’s” he thinks to himself. BAM BAM!!! Logan jumps in surprise and turns towards the noise. “That’s where John and Sarah are at!” he thought. He began sprinting towards them but there was a small forest obscuring his view of them. All he could make out was John and Sarah shooting at a group of creatures surrounding them. As he ran out and saw his worst nightmare coming true. John and Sarah could no longer be seen as the creatures crowding on top of them. He could hear their cries of agony as they were torn apart. “NOOOO!!!” he roared. He took off his gun and sprinted towards the crowed. When he was close. He began pumbling and shooting the creatures. Everything was slow and detailed as the adrenaline coursed through his veins. Seconds later, an enormous amount of creatures lay scattered around dead. In the center of the chaos lay John and Sarah’s lifeless bodies. Their limbs were torn to shreds and their faces were scratched at gruesomely. Logan fell to his knees and stared in horror…

6:00 PM

After hours of sitting there, Logan decided to get moving to look for Emily. As he walked through the park, he began to feel strange. He walked to a puddle and saw his appearance changed. His left eye was sick yellow-greenish color like the creatures but his right eye was still his usual light brown color. “What happened to me?!?!” He could feel it, all his senses were stronger, and his animal instinct was just below the surface ready to take control. “AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” he yelled in rage. “WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!”

9:00 PM

Logan was running through the streets when he heard a shriek. He began sprinting towards the noise. Half a mile away, he saw Emily being attacked by the same creature that was in his dream. “EMILY!!!” he yelled. As she fell on the ground, the creature leapt on top of her and began tearing at her. Logan sprinted faster than he ever did but it was too late. The creature saw Logan and ran off ran off. He stopped in front of her as she stared up at the sky. “Emily?” he said.

“Logan? Logan, what's happening” she said softly.

“Sarah, save your breath. I need to get you some help.”

“Logan, I miss you. Why did you come back for me?”

“Because I love you.”

“Just forget about me, it’s hopeless.”

“Don’t talk like that Emily, you’re going to make out of here!” yelled Logan.

“I’m done Logan, it’s no use. Leave me.”

“I’m not leaving you! I love you and I’m not going to leave you no matter what!” Logan dug in his pocket and pulled out a ring. “You see this?! This is yours. As soon as we get out of here, I’m going to marry you. We were supposed to stay with each other forever.”

“Logan, please don’t. You can’t save me Logan.”

“No Emily, please don’t leave me! I love you.”

“I love you too…” she said as her eyes closed slowly closed.

“Emily? EMILY!!!”

12:00 AM

Logan walked through the streets; he noticed a group of creatures near him. One glanced at him but acted as though he was just another creature. Puzzled, he had a theory. He walked up to a creature and said, “Hello, what’s your name?” The creature acted as though he was not there. “Hmmm, strange.”

He pulled out his gun and shot a creature in the chest and died. The other creatures just glanced and continued doing their business. A few minutes later, he heard a shriek a few blocks away. All the creatures began sprinting towards the noise. He understood why. That’s their que for food. He began to follow. He saw a young girl of the age of ten inside a car surrounded by creatures trying to get in. he pulled out his shotgun and began firing at the creatures. Once they gave up and ran off he saw the girl hiding underneath the dashboard crying, “Go away!”

“Do you need any help?” he asked. She got up and looked around,

“What happened to the monsters?”

“I scared them away.”

“Aren’t you a monster?”

“Ummmmm, kind of.”

“Are you going to eat me?”

“No, I’ll keep you safe.”

“You promise?”


“What’s your name?”

“Logan and what’s yours?”


“Where are your mom and dad?”

“I don’t know”

“Do you need help to find them?”

“Yes, I looked everywhere.”

“Okay I’ll help you find them.”

3:00 PM

Logan and Carly were walking through the streets they ran into a group of creatures. Logan jumped in front of Carly in a protective stance but they took no notice of them. “Stay close to me”, Logan said. As they continued walking, no creatures took any notice of them. “Are you looking for anybody?”, Carly asks.


“Why? Don’t you know anybody?”

“I did, but there gone now.”

“Where did they go?”

“They’re dead.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“Who were they?”

“My fiancé, my sister, and her husband.”

“Is there anybody else?”

“No” After a while, they walk up to a building.

“Do you think we should go in?” she asks.

“Yeah.” As they go inside, they realize it’s a church. They look around and see a secured back room. “Do you stay here for the night?” Logan asks.


10:00 PM

Logan and Carly sat in the back room near a table with several lit candles. “Do you want something to eat?” he asks.

“Sure.” Logan starts to pull out a can of tuna, when he knocks over the table. As the candles hit the ground, the old, dry, wooden floorboards set ablaze in an instant. Logan grabs Carly and sprints towards the door. When he gets there, he tries pulling it open. “It’s stuck! We have to go through the back. ” as they turn around, they see the church is burning quickly. They see part of the floor has caved in. “We have to jump!” They take a few steps back, run and jump. As they land, the section of the floor they land on cave in. They both grab the ledge and pull themselves up. After they get up, they sprint for the door and run out. They step out into a narrow alley and run down the path. They hear shrieks all around them on the buildings above and see figures sprinting on the roofs. Logan notices Carly was limping. “What happened?!”

“I’m bleeding.”

“How much?”

“A lot.”

“Will you be okay?”

“Not for long.”

“Alright, we’ll go into this building at the end of the alley.”

“Okay.” They get to the end and run into the building. They slam the door behind them and look around. They see they’re in a small apartment. “Logan I'm bleeding!” She says as she pulls her pant leg up. There's a huge cut rapidly pumping blood out. “Logan!” As she looks up, she sees Logan staring at the cut, both his eyes a sick yellowish green. “Logan?” There was fear in her voice as she realized what was happening. He jumps towards her with his eyes full of lust. “AHHHHH!” …

3:00 AM

Logan was sitting against the wall of the apartment staring with a blank look on his face. He stares at a bloody carcass sitting across the room. He sat like this for hours till he finally stands up and walks to a corner of the room and vomits blood. He walks towards the door and steps into the middle of the street. He has a shotgun in his left hand. His face is blank as he looks around. A single tear rolls out of his green eyes as he puts the shotgun under his chin and cocks it. “BAM…

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