A Dark Night

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A dark night one I won't forget. It is so dark and gloomy. Damp and chilly

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



This is a night I won't forget

It is so dark and gloomy

Damp and chilly

The wind is blowing hard


Trees are dancing

With branches beating

Against the window panes

Thunder so loud


You can barely hear

Lightning striking so fast

Yet the stars are out

You can barely see them


It is lonely and scary

I'm trying to get my mind on a book

But I can't

There is no sound now


It is so quite

There's no one out

I feel so alone

Then  "oh my gosh"


There's a banging on the door

Loud and clear

I jump

It is so dark, I can barely see


The light's are out

The phone is off

It is so dark, I can barely see

The lights are out


, I can't find anything

I make it to the kitchen

Grab a knife

It is getting louder now


I peek out the window

Still can't see

I go back and sit down

I start to doze off


When all of a sudden, I am grabbed

I let out a scream it wont let me go

I hear a whisper, I got you now

Your mine , I can't move


I can't think

Then it hit me I have a knife

I bring the knife up

I'm going in for the kill


I heard someone say,

Don't do it please

It's only me

Im wondering who is me


When all of a sudden the light's come back on

There standing in front of me

Was my boyfriend

I had almost killed him


I was crying and shaking

I just held him the whole night

Praying thank you God

For stopping me


I will never forget this

As long as I live




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