A Mask

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A mask I wear so you cant see my feelings. The pain in my heart/ The sorrow and pain together as one.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



A mask I wear

To hide myself

So you cant see

The pain in my \"heart\"


The sorrow and pain

Together as one

So you wont see

What I am feeling


A mask hides my face

From you so you wont

See the tears

How I feel inside


How lonely I am

I dont want to be alone

Im tired and worn

This world is not my home


I think of you and see

The stars in your eyes

How happy you make me

Your words stay with me


No mask can hide

The sound of your song

You sing to me

How beautiful to hear


Your face is like a actor

You show it all

I can read your face like a book

Oh my love


Take the mask from me

Touch my face

See for yourself

Who i am


Kiss my lips

Take me in your

Warm embrace

As I dream of you


No longer will I need

To hide from you

You touched my \"heart\"

My body and soul.



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