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Awesome, amazing, angels watching, a single tear
a bed of roses, A sweet kiss.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012





Angels watching

A single tear


A bed of roses

A sweet kiss

A hug so tight

A pillow at night


A blanket to warm you

A place for you

A love so true

A thunder storm


Petals of rain falling down

My face, as I close my eyes

I think of you

It makes me smile


Sunshine and roses

Unicorns roaming

An open book

To find my place


Lessons learned

A time to live

A time to die

A time to set your soul on fire


Today is here

Tommorrow may never come

The past is history

The best is yet to come


A new born baby

Your head upon my chest

A smile or two

Comes from you


A midnight stroll

A bottle of wine

Dancing to the beat

As we sway on our feet


Im ready for you

Tucked in tight

I feel your lips

As they touch


I feel your tongue

It is so devine

My everything you are

No pain for us


Just happiness and joy


You are

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