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Dad where were you when I needed you the most. Why did you walk out the door.

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Where were you

When I needed you

How come you never once

Said I love you


Why did you try to kill me

Every day that you lived

What did I do wrong?

Why could I not have your love?


I always wanted to hold your hand

I needed your support

I never got anything

But a slap or worse


All you ever wanted was drink and drugs

Other women to hurt mom

You never took us out

Never did anything for us


Guess what I grew up fine

I didn't need you

I have a life I'm proud of

No thanks to you


I found one love that was true

After my husband died

Who really loved me

But I lost him, I know not why


Nolw I'm alone

But he is still in my heart

He always will be

I love him still


I hope all of you who have a dad

Have one who loves you

Who treats you good

It is hard growing up with no dad.

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