I Wonder

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Each day I wake up and wonder. Will this be the day. Will it be my last day.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Each day I wake up and wonder

Will this be the day

Will it be my last day

To have pain on this earth

Can I go now and have peace

Or is it just going to be more

Of the same for me

I wonder what the day will bring

Will I have sunshine and flowers

Love and peace

Will someone hold me

Or push me away

Pain comes hard

But teaches a lesson

Life is not easy

So dont give in

No matter how hard

Just grin and bear it

It will get better

It cant get much worse

I wonder will there be

A storm with thunder loud

Or just gales of wind

With the moon cast shadow

Without you by my side

Nothing else matters

So lets say our goodbye

Dont look back and cry

Just remember the day we met

When we both fell in love

Remember all the laughter and smiles

The tears of joy we shed for one another

The way everynight

I would whisper in your ear

I love you Darling

And always will

You would look at me and say

My Darling just smile

Remember I may not always be there

But Im with you, Im not going anywhere

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