Living With Pain

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Living with pain and what it does to you. How you act, what you feel. the hurt, anger, depressed and so much more.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Every day I wake up

I think what will it bring

More pain or some joy

I never know what to expect


From the time I get up

To the time I go to bed

Im in so much pain

I just cant explain


You see I have leg uclers

Some days are good

Some are very bad

But I try to make it


Just one more day

I sit and cry for hours on end

I pray and ask God

To please make the leaking stop


So the pain will go away

I cant stand long

I cant do house work very long

I cant sit very long


I cant lay very long

I get so angry, mad, sad, depressed

I cant hardly stand it

But I have to


I must carry on

I have to get someone to get my food

To pay my bills

It kills me to ask anyone to do anything


Because before I got leg uclers

I did everything

I never asked anyone to do anything

I was proud i could do it all


It is hard to handle

It is hard to carry on

But I must

I still have alot to do


So with prayers

Good friends standing by

Everryone telling me to smile

I will carry on


I will not give up

I wont let the devil win

I wont get depressed

And just give in.

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