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There's a man in the house that is so kind and caring. Respect's me for who I am.

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



There's a man in the house

That is so kind and caring

Pespects me for who I am

Not who he thinks I should be


Akways there for me

In rough, good and bad times

Never walks away when things ara bad

See's me through to the end


A friend who talk's to me

Does not shut me out

Always a kind word

Never put's me down


Someone I can trust that

Never tell's what I confine to him

That will carry me through to the end

He will never be forgotten

I will carry him in my heart


Till I draw my last breath

I'll be there for him to the end

No matter how far or near

I will have a place in my soul


For the best man in the world

He joined me in talk so long ago

I knew from the start that we

Was going to be together until the end


He is always there for me

He put's a smile on my face

A song in my heart

He's my special man


He gives me love

Like no other can

My Man

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