New Enemies

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taken from my book, "Running Thrue Fields Of Escape"

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011



New Enemies


As the love splatters across the muddy waters

I found myself afloat

__with all my belongings

I was hanging on to my life

I wanted to know who ait my brain

And spit my thoughted thoughts

__that I tought of just now

No one heard me scream

So I began to laugh

How they found me

Was so funny

But, though I was mocked

__for such a belief

____'twas pitiful

There was simply

Nothing to run from anymore

The more I had to excuse myself

For my wicked wonders

The more I had to have

An excuse to squeeze my head in a vise

Thinking began to get really hard to do

Like the thoughts thats punish you

When you're not watching

Do they punish me?

I have placed bets on my own heart

How it would be picked up

How it will be dropped

I wanted to know

Can danger eat my soul?

I think it can

I think it has

Merky waters let go of me

But I am still being swallowed

It's grabing at me now

Tugging me down


I will be ripely eaten

And in no hurry

I must let the world

__get the best of me

And soon I will sit

__amd listen to the pen fall

Knowing Sprint will not fit in my life

Now that I can't aford to upgrade

__to such a company

Makes me jump off the bus

__of the good life

And jam marbles off of scams

That wipe my pitty off the plate

Seeing as how I can't really be ate

I can only be served for nothing

Nothing "at all"

But I sure do need the structure


Do I ever need it

My mind seems to want me to think

That they have plans to return

And take my life

Before my very eyes

And smash it to pieces

Right in front of my face

That's whyI got some other people

__to run and hide from

People so dangerous

And protective service is still no option

So falling down the lader of

__the succes of escape from

____punishment for something

______entirely not my fault "at all"

I land to be running from the

__revenge for my negligants

God has not got me for my wrongs

__whenI was 17

And so at 32 I did something

__stupid again

And there is no telling when I'm

__going to have to pay for it this time

How can I run?

Where can I go?

Aimlessly, I must rush

Just for the hope

Just for the hope

Of finishing before I am murdered

And this time I'm not not just tripping

I was lucky to turn 33 today

But just how lucky

Can I continue

To be?



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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