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I was standing by my door looking at the sky I closed my eyes and relaxed.

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



I was standing by my door

Looking at the sky

I closed my eyes and relaxed

I felt a breeze as

It blew my gown


I felt a light kiss on my lips

I could not move

It's just me I thought

It can't be


I thought I felt a movement

Then I knew

A body so hard and hot

Was leaning against me

Arms so strong was holding me


I thought

I know I'm dreaming

I did not open my eyes

I wanted to but couldn't

Arms was picking me up


Taking me inside

I opened my eyes

Took a peep

I almost cried aloud

There was the most sexy

Good looking guy alive


He was with me

I thought this can't be

He carried me to the bed

I did not know whether to laugh or cry

Or just be scared


But he was so gentle

As he put me on the bed

He kissed me and said relax

He laided back

Then kissed me again


He was holding me tight

He kissed my breast

I shivered

He got on top and entered me

It was like a dream


I wanted to scream

But could not

It was hot and passionate


To this day

I do not know

But this stranger so kind

Became my life

My one true love


We not only became lovers

We are man and wife

Two strangers meeting

Became strangers no more.


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