The Pain Felt

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She didn't show his heart much care.

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



She didn't show his heart much care,

Which, in his defence wasn't fair.

I watched as she threw his heart away.

Now all there's left to do is pray.

His life she claims she wanted to spare,

But his broken heart may not repair.

Now all he does is cry and moan

Because she left him all alone.

She tried to undo all she did,

Because he wasn't on her contintental grid.

Her rosey cheecks he rested upon.

Hard times came along; her love was gone.

Now the cut's deeply carved on his chest,

He cannot sleep and he cannot rest

She tormented him and played with his heart,

but she ended it now, being smart.


She lays on her bed, crying out loud.

She did something for which could not make her proud.

She wants all this to go away,

For with him, she cannot stay.

With her love for him now gone,

She only wants to move on.

She doesn't realize the pain will come and go.

But she's never ever felt so low.

She's getting ready for more pain.

Staring down at a blood stain.

With her love gone, she ran out of luck,

On trying to act like she gave a fuck.

But she feels so heartless, so dead.

She feels so messed up in the head.

She can't believe she put him in this mess,

And for the lie, she must confess.

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