The Trap Part 2

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Went to a party turned out to be one of the worse nights of my life.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Blood was everywhere

There she laided

Where she bled to death


I was screaming

But noone heard

With the music loud

The talking going on


I jumped when I heard

A shot ring out

I could not move

I hid in the closet


I was so scared

I was there for a long time

I was crying

I did not know what to do


I started to call 911

My fingers wouldnt move

When all of a sudden

I was pushed from behind


I fell to my knees

I was pulled by the hair

Slapped around

All over


I could tell this was

A strong guy

I had to fight

So I kicked back


I hit him where it hurts

He let out a scream

I poked him in the eye

He could not see


I ran as fast as I could

But oh my gosh

I started to fall

I was running in blood


I looked down and saw

All my friends

Was dead, he killed all of them

I had to get away


He could not let me live

I knew to much

I saw to much

I ran and ran


He had seen me

Was running after me

Then I saw it

A police car


He must have seen it to

He turned to run the other way

When all of a sudden

He was gone


I did not see him


He had fell into

A big hole


The police pulled up

Took one look at me

I pointed to the hole

They took him out


He went to prison

I thought I was safe

I wasn't he found me

I have no peace


I never know

When he will be back

Or if I will ever be safe

Just another night of horror


It was a trap

That he fell in

But one he wont forget

He paided the ptice for one night


I paided the price

For one party

That almost cost me

My life























I was pulled by the hair












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