Women In The United States

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Women in the United States makes me so mad. Looking at them dressed in sloppy clothes and gained so much weight. Then wonder why husands and boyfriends. Leave them and cheat on them/

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



Women in the United States

Make me so mad

Yes I am one of them

They are supposed to be


So intelligence

When what do you see

They run around

With sloppy clothes


Put so much weight on

They look sick

They don't ook good

At all


It hurt's their health

As they get older

They will have much

Pain and misery


They are so worried

About losing their husbands

Or boyfriends

It is their own fault


Get up and excerise

Watch what you eat

Get plenty of rest

And drink water


Put some spice

In the bedroom

Look your best

Feel your best


Put romance back in

Meet your man at

The door with a

Coat or robe


Take it off slow

Have a cute bra and pantie set on

Kiss him long and hard

While you rub his back


Have a good dinner on the table

Something he really likes

Let him relax

While you run a bath for him


Then turn the lights dolwn low

Music playing slow

Wrap your arms around him

Tell him you love him


Take his hand

Lead him to the bedroom

Take his clothes off slowly

As you sway


Have some nice lingerie on

With stockings and high heels

Dance for him

Put on a show


Then go to the bed

Kiss him slow

Cuddle up to him

Make wild passionate love


Don't let another woman

Get your man

You know she will

If she can


There are alot of


Who are waiting

For you to mess up


Believe me

They will be there

For him

If You don't


A man won't leave

If he gets what

He needs and deserves

From you


Keep yourself looking

Good at all times

Little make up

Nice clothes


Keep your man happy

Let him know you love him

Show your love

Never let him leave without a kiss

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