Charmed The Next Generation

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Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008




The next generation


This is my sequel of

The poplar show charmed


After 20 year of the end

Of The show.


The girls:


Piper side: she only has two kids


Phoebe: three girls all in college


Paige: got married and have three girls twin and one girl the story is about her girls.


The kids:


Piper kids:


Wyatt: he in college he is not very important


Chris: still in high school


Phoebe kids all of them in college and they are not important.


Paige kid (the story is about them):




Age: 15


Power: like piper & white lighter and more to come.


Hair: light brown.


Eye: dark blue.


  Faith& Hope:


Age: 17




Hope: Paige & white lighter and more to come...


Faith:Phoebe & white lighter and more to come.


Hair: dark brown


Eye: dark green


The story:


The beginning of the story is when

Paige & husband

Die from a plane crash

And the girls go to

Live in with there aunt

Piper and the new demons

Want to take the girls power & life

Before they discover that they are

Witch and the secret of the weird

Necklaces that they found in the




 I put the story when I see your opinion

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