broken connection

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a lifetime connection is broken

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



It feels like yesterday

You were by my side

We had no secrets

We had nothing to hide

Together we have been

It feels like since the start of time

I never thought the day would come

When you weren't in this life of mine

You got angry with me sometimes

But you never did lose sight

That god had made us for each other

Our bond completely right

You were a little bit older

But i didnt mind

You were very special to me

Not a stronger friendship could you find

Now here i sit while there you lay

There was nothing i could do

I laid my head across your body

I cried and cried for you

Your eyes once so bright

Were now cold and dead

I didn't know who you were

Just a figure in the bed

Where's the laughter

The smile so bright

Gone away forever

Hidden by the night

I didnt get a chance to say

All the things in my heart

I thought i would have a lifetime

Even death couldn't break us apart

You were the best friend i ever had

I couldn't ask for more

Far to soon i lost you

God knocked to early at your door

The memories i carry

Are mostly happy ones

Of us being inseperable

Having lots of fun

We experinced milestones together

To us that wasn't weird

We would comfort each other

When we were scared

i would never find someone

That  i could be as fond

No one could replace you

Or replace our bond

Now i took one last look

As you lay sleeping unaware

I kissed your cheek

Then you slipt away somewhere

I couldn' t believe you had gone

It was to hard to know

That you had gone without me

I can't follow where i can't go

I turned and said i love you

The machine turned off at last

All that i had left of you

Was memories of the past

I  will never forget your face

Its a part of me

Each time i pass a mirror

Your face looks back at me

One day we will be together

God will let me win

He will let me be reunited

With my very cherished twin





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