death of a soulmate

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when a lifetime love dies

Submitted: November 10, 2007

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Submitted: November 10, 2007



As she lay sleeping

Her head upon the pillow

Hair surrounding her

Like the leaves of the willow

Eyes closed he thought of them

Warm golden like the sun

Never again would they open

Their job here was done

Earlier she spoke of her love for him

Her voice soothing to his ears

Soon that precious sound would be a memory

A friendship for his tears

He looked at photos of their children

That they both did raise

His love for her grew deeper

As a mum she deserved the greatest praise

They shared laughter angry moments

Held each other when they cry

He would cherish every moment

As he gave his last goodbyes

He thought of their wedding day

The vows they had spoke

He couldn't believe his luck

When next to her he woke

Years they lived grew together

Love got stronger everyday

He knew she was his soulmate

In each and everyway

Years passed by to quickly

Together they grew old

Their love grew even warmer

So the stories told

She was his best friend

His beautiful wife

The only one he wanted

Beside him on the path of life

He looked at the children

Saw a glimpse of her in youth

He knew that she lived on in them

Their eyes and smile were proof

He didnt know how to live without her

She was always by his side

But soon he must lay to rest

His very loving bride

Her hair then blonde turned to white

The wrinkles etched into her face

He always seen her as beautiful

She was his saving grace

The day came of her funeral

People came to grieve

She had so many who loved her

She had alot of love to leave

He watched as they lowered the coffin

At last he wept

He would be so lonely without her

Warm arms to comfort

While he slept

He took one last look

Then the woman he had known

Was laid to rest forever

Beneath the cold grey stone

Within his heart her memory would live

Until god decided it was time

To reunite the loving couple

So their hearts could reentwine

He didnt have long to wait

One night death came knocking at his door

He laid a hand upon his shoulder

Said you wont hurt anymore

He whispered goodbye i love you to his children

Then death flew him beyond the stars

There she was waiting

So close but yet so far

Death let him go

To her arms he went

He knew when she embraced him

She was truly heaven sent

Into heavens gates they walked

Bowing to ST PETER as they passed by

He smiled at the couple

With a twinkle in his eye

He watched as they strolled hand in hand into heaven

As much in love as they could be

Destined to be together

For Eternity






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