dream of the silent angel

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this poem is about an abused child

Submitted: October 27, 2007

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Submitted: October 27, 2007



Look at the rainbow silent angel

How it plays in the snow

See how lovely it is

See how it glows

Look at the sun silent angel

It falls over the land

You can see the glitters of gold

Sprinkled through the sand

Look at the stars silent angel

How they glitter in the sky

Shining down on your head

Highlighting your beautiful eyes

Listen to the wind silent angel

As it whispers not shouts

It weaves around you in comfort

And blows you about

Listen to the trees silent angel

They don't make a sound

They are to proud to make

One when you are around

Listen to the ocean silent angel

It speaks through its waves

It remind us that the smallest

Can still be very brave

Smell the roses silent angel

Their scent is so sweet

You laugh at the petals

Tickling your feet

Smell the baking silent angel

The cake you have made

Savour the memory

Before it fades

Smell the perfume silent angel

As it lingers in the air

You delight so much in it

Your eyes fill up with tears

Taste the meal silent angel

A meal you helped make

All that effort put in

How long did it take

Taste the chocolate silent angel

The wonder of treats

It lingers on your lips

So very sweet

Taste the food silent angel

As you are taken out for tea

Your little eyes scan the menu

Your mouth waters with glee

Touch the cold metal silent angel

of the slide you race down

Laughing and joking

As your feet reach the ground

Touch the sky silent angel

As you play on the swings

People look at you and smile

As your pretty voice sings

Touch the pillow silent angel

Your smile brightly beams

Until you wake up

It was all just a dream

There is no rainbows for you silent angel

No pot of gold

You are so young

Already so old

The sun don't reflect

No gold in your hair

Only the scratches

As you fought of the fear

The stars may bring out

Your beautiful eyes

But they also reflect

The tears you so often cry

The wind offers comfort

When noones about

Until the morning

When again come the shouts

The trees stand their proud

They have their pride

Please share your secret silent angel

You dont have to hide

There is no lollies

No wonderful treats

As a matter of fact

You hardly eat

There is no taking you out

For a special tea

They are afraid

Of what people will see

No playing

On the swings in the park

The bruises must be hidden

Kept in the dark]

Silent angel

I know you are ill

Please speak little one

Let the hurt spill

Silent angel

This isn't your fault

You have been trapped

By an invisible bolt

Im afraid for you silent angel

You make me weep

As i think what they do

As you wake from your sleep

Sometimes i pray silent angel

But i feel my prayers are in vain

For day after day

I see you in pain

Sometimes i see in your eyes

A glimmer of hope

Then it runs away

I can tell you can't cope

You hold the tears in

Show strength on your face

Please silent angel

Dont hide in disgrace

It is not you

Who is to blame

It is them who are meant to love you

who should be feeling the shame

Keep your head high silent angel

One day you will be free

To a place silent angel

There i will be

Until then i will weep

As you go through the pain

Of being an abused child


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