red velvet dress

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this is about something beautiful

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



 There beneath the willow tree she stands

Watching lovers holding hands

Looking beautiful in a red velvet dress

People admire her say god bless

She has many visitors beneath that willow tree

They come from many places to admire her beauty

She does not flinch when they stop to smell

The perfume she wears like an invisible veil

Sweet delights are offered up to those who pass by

Her beauty catches the most ignorant eye

In the winter she shelters close to that willow

Using its trunk as a substitute pillow

A warm red hood pulled over her face

But still she holds her iconic grace

One night she is rescued by a kind guy

Who felt sorry for her as the snow peltered by

He welcomed her into his beautiful home

He was lonely all on his own

He gave her water to quench her thirst

He put all his effort into putting her first

People would visit compliment his fine dinner guest

They told him she was lovely his very best

She did not need to speak her beauty spoke instead

She could make the toughest of men smile and turn their head

Sometimes she got lonely there were no others of her kind

To the man who cared for her she was a rare find

But one day he came home and what he saw broke his heart

For there she lay across the table her red dress torn apart

Her once powerful fragrance now lays dead

Her little red hood fallen from her head

The man picked her up and gently he lay

Her in the garden and his respects he pays

There are no tears it was to late

She couldnt live long that was her fate

She now lies buried beneath the soil in which she was concieved

Her beauty unforgotten she had a gift to leave

A comfort she was to those  who grieve

A symbol for those who love

A gift god sent from above

Who was that lady in the pretty red clothes

She is the queen of the garden the beautiful rose



















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