the day st peter cried

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about a little girl and a tragedy

Submitted: November 21, 2007

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Submitted: November 21, 2007



Her guardian angel stood by her side

Watching as the little girl slowly died

Her parents begged god to let her live

She was to young she had to much to give

They thought the machine kept her alive

But it was gods hand that helped her survive

Weeks she slept while her parents cried

Spending hour after hour at their daughters side

She was their gift from heaven above

An only child they showered with love

A child they watched grow

She now has a face they no longer know

She used to enjoy running for miles

Always enter the house with a sweet smile

Kiss mummy on the cheek give daddy a big hug

Then was marched to the shower to clean the dirt and the bugs

But one day out riding she went much to far

She never heard it never heard the car

Hours later the police found her battered and bruised

They couldn't bear to think of how she had been used

In a coma for weeks she slept

While her guardian angel a close vigil he kept

This blond little darling he had loved since birth

He couldn't do anything to help her that day to protect her worth

The doctors worked their hardest that they could

her guardian knew it wasn't no good

For the little girl it was to late

For soon she would enter the golden gates

The angel despaired to see the parents in pain

But he knew the little girl couldn't live with the shame

He watched with love as the parents kissed her goodbye

He saw tears falling from doctors eyes

Then he stepped forward and there she did stand

A sweet little girl holding his hand

I love you into her parents ears she lent

They didn't hear her so off to heaven she went

Through heavens gates st peter ticked her off the list

He was surprised when he was hugged and kissed

He looked down at the little girl and was overwhelmed with pride

At the little girls strength despite how she died

He sent her into heaven a saint led her away

That same saint still talks bout st peter crying to this very day

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