the war rose

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about a rose during war

Submitted: October 17, 2007

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Submitted: October 17, 2007



The rose looked on everyday

alone in the ruins

She watched lives fade away

All around cries of dying filled the air

She grew lonely and helpless

In a world awash with fear

Men would pass by

reaching down to soothe her heart

This gave her small comfort

In a world been torn apart

The winter rains would come

Falling off her petals like tears

As the snow settled around her

The soldiers would march near

their blood would drip on the snow

The little rose watched sadly

As she watched the soldiers go

She knew some would pass

Her next winter in the rain

But she knew that many

She would never see again

She kept on growing

And shivering alone

Bullets and bombs flew by her

She was also pelted with stones

Her petals broke off one by one

And blew away in the breeze

She could do nothing to save them

As the chill winds made her freeze

She knew the end was coming

As her petals flew away

She knew that it was nearly over

As she fell into decay

While she was dying

She heard wounded cries

She wanted it to be over

She couldnt wait to die

Then she heard laughter in the ruins

And saw signs of hope

And knew although she was dying

That the world would cope

An angel spoke to her kindly

And released her from the strife

She looked back and gave a smile

Upon the miracle that's life

At last she was free

She was no longer alone

She was safe again

She was back at home

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