trapped spirit

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a female spirit is trapped and can't move on

Submitted: November 15, 2007

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Submitted: November 15, 2007



Grave stones stand alone at dawn

Beneath them lie broken roses with no thorns

Night falls guilt and remorse speak your name

You don't hear them you have no shame

There are no tears to haunt your face

You take pleasure washing my blood from your face

Heart black cold as stone

As you unearth the dirt to bury my bones

Your eyes are dead but they still see

The lifeless figure that is me

You don't care whose life you take

Your show of love is just a fake

Bloodshed  planned since before we met

With my blood i paid your debt

Stabbed and beaten death was long

Why me what did i do wrong

Eyes filled with such hate

What i mistook for love became my fate

Why should i feel the guilt

When its my blood that you spilt

You wont suffer haunted nights

Evil man who hides from the light

I cannot move my spirits in pain

I want to go but i must remain

Trapped in this house within these walls

None to hear my voice when it calls

Alone i wander round all day

My restless spirit begs and prays

That my killer will soon confide

To a priest the way i died

He may never go to jail

But his confession would release me from  my hell

Still i remain as the years go by

Still no confession WHY?

It is to late now im stuck forever

His confession wont come now ever

The day that he sealed my fate

With his hand the hand of hate

It don't feel like long ago

Its been a long time that i know

It feels like it was yesterday

But in reality they say

My grave has stood there all alone

My name hardly visible on the stone

The date on the stone you can barely read

Over the top of the mangled weed

The date that tells the last time i was alive

Is the 23rd of April 1705

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