Fall, its okay

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We fall ,we break,, we are hurt and sometimes we give up, But it isn't the end of the world, because falling is ok and falling again and again is ok too.

Submitted: August 26, 2017

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Submitted: August 26, 2017



“This is so hard, I won’t be able to do it forget it." There are times when ignoring something what we had in mind to achieve our goal becomes a habit and the idea fades. For some people success is something they intend to earn when they think that what they have isn’t enough and when they have enough they think they are done. No I’m not going to give a long lecture on how to become successful the easier way or anything based on success. There are certain phases in life when we think that we have done are enough and we don’t need to do more. But let me tell you enough is never enough. Crossing barriers in life can make you stronger and firm to see what’s coming next.

I have thought couple of times why do we even need to stick to a cell phone 24 hours a day? Why can’t we just put it away and do something more productive, yah we are now all in a world where technology is everywhere and without it nothing makes the human life easier. But have we ever thought of doing something different? The first thing we do in the morning is look for our phones with one eye open unread messages and read them all. But that isn’t it we even take our phones to the bathroom with us. I am not saying it’s a bad thing but yes if you think deeper we are all now a robot operating a machine that shows us anything and also helps us to reach out to other robots. Ahem, now let’s all be honest with ourselves does anyone even have time to meditate or say a small prayer in the morning? It’s not about the time we have it’s about how we utilize every second in our lives.Maybe to wake up saying good morning to you and doing a little stretch even on the bed will result in inner happiness. Ok let’s leave phones for now.  I used to think this is it I don’t need to do more I’m okay, but then I realized I am capable of bigger things and everybody is. For the race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to the one who endures it to the end. You may fall or get stabbed on your back or even keep falling again, but it’s not the end. So pick yourself up, shake your past off put one foot in front of the other and do it again. When you hear that little voice in you, “no one believes in you or you’re too small for this or this isn’t working and this isn’t worth it" you need to nod your head and speak to yourself remind you that it is ok to fail or fall and kill your demons. you know the battle ground, you have been there before so pick up your helmet of salvation, sword of the spirit and breastplate of righteousness and your feet fitted with readiness. One my favorite verses from the Bible are from the book of Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 to 20.It tells you about fighting back temptation and getting up from falling with your armor in place.  I am not a really a godly person but somewhere somehow I feel that a little help from the book gives me strong determination and a dose of encouragement when I fall. Sometimes we feel lonely even if we are surrounded by many friends, family, co workers because we have certain thoughts where we think if we share them to a dear one they will not understand, yes talking it out helps a lot ,but sometimes even keeping it in to drown or fade away gives some kind of satisfaction. I am an introvert and I have few friends not because I am different or I’m shy, it’s because I keep me that way helps me to discover more about myself. As we grow older there are certain barriers or puddles we often fall into or slip because we were out of control; but like I said its okay.

Tibeka, my friend from Zambia, often told me to stand strong and speak to yourself when you are falling, she used to stay next to my room as in flat mates and I would often hear her talking to herself, people around would think this woman has lost it, but I enjoyed it. She would talk to herself, sing to herself and spend her time taking care of herself. Oh she is different, and this woman is bold, daring and would never let anyone or anything push her down. There were times when I saw her being defeated, betrayed, disorganized but you know what ,she would come home talk it out and not a single tear would drop from her eyes.I imagined her as boxer who would punch every obstacle on her way and would even fall and laugh and say "oh you wanna fight? Let’s try again". This woman would talk, I mean like a lot and it was some kind of art for me, I enjoyed not only listening to her bold voice but also would get lost  watching her speak for hours because her expressions and the different gestures she used ,made me so interested in it . There were times when I would come home after work feeling tired feeling negative and not in the mood to talk to anyone but she would come to my room and change everything I almost forgot why was I sad or was I even tired.  Tibeka is someone who would tell me directly that I look silly on that dress, or I should stop being lazy or I should not cry for a guy. Who does that? You have people wearing masks and pretend to be happy and share your happiness but later stab you on your back. Now this person has influenced me a lot and keeping certain people in your life keeps you happy. She left long back but I still feel her presence here with me when we chat. Let me share her voice text to me. “Angie, you know with everything, with every baby step, one step, every journey starts with one step, and if you are resilient and whatever comes in your way doesn’t shake you, you eventually get to your destination. so, with everything that you are doing, the paintings, the reflecting the appreciating things around you is going to translate into your work and is going to produce even more amazing work. So I congratulate you for taking the leap of faith and believing in your craft and believing in yourself it is very very important if you have been gifted by god and you are using it, so I really think you going that direction are the best choice for you."  I heard this and it just made my day. Yes that kind of encouragement is what we need someone to push us and let us know what we really are capable of and that we need to open our eyes wide to realize that.

I never thought that making space for myself would actually keep me so happy. We sometimes think others have to come first and keeping them happy is important. But keeping yourself happy is the main thing. Unless and until you are not spending time for yourself or in yourself nothing is going to change. Build an idea; keep little things around you to keep that positive energy at home, like plants, pets, and small sticky notes with inspirational quotes or sayings. Do it for yourself only, because being selfish sometimes for good is good. If you have read my previous article I have mentioned how I actually discovered that artist in me and how it turned me to become more positive in life.

I’d like to now end this small article with few lines from one of favorite songs that pushes me to stand up by Estelle. If you think that you are now done and you are lost, think again because you fell and you are not broken so fall and get up again.

We all make mistakes
You might fall on your face
But you gotta get up!

I'd rather stand tall
Than live on my knees
'Cause I'm a conqueror
And I won't accept defeat
Try telling me no
One thing about me
Is I'm a conqueror
I am a conqueror.

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