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Just a short poem so please come in to my home.

Submitted: March 19, 2014

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Submitted: March 19, 2014



Now I will write you a poem
Please step into my home
Right through the gate
Now, now we don’t want to be late
The second stanza is about to start

We do not part
Until five rooms are seen
Now we are in between
Two: the kitchen, it’s quite neat
And the living room just somewhere to put up your feet

Ah the third room
A place to see everything bloom
Now through the hallway
The fourth room quite dull I’d say
But let’s see it anyway

The bathroom, shades of black and white
And everything just feels too tight
Now back to the hallway
We’re on our way
To see the fifth

Yes the bedroom, and with
A glance it is seen and back we go
Between the exit and the matt below
I will close the door
And hope you would come back for more

Explanation à.

Hey Angela here, I’m just going to tell you about the poem, if you haven’t figured it out yet, in the poem I tell you the structure of the poem by using a home. In the first stanza I tell you that I would write a poem and begin it by asking you to come in to my home witch is the introduction of the poem and at the end I give it away by saying the second stanza is about to start Then we go on to the second stanza where I tell you there would be Five stanzas and five lines each by telling you about the five rooms, I also use between in the third line to tell you that we are in the middle of the stanza, the hall. Then in the fourth I tell you there are two lines left by using the two rooms. I open the third stanza by using the third room, I say bloom as to say the poem is blooming that it is coming to be a poem, I used the hallway again to tell you we are in the middle of the stanza, in the next line I tell you that we’re going to the fourth room and I also let the last three lines rhyme In the fourth I tell you about a bathroom which is a dull room to use and tell you it’s black and white as to say the words are black-on-white, I tell you it’s tight as to say that your almost at the end, I use the hallway again to say we are in the middle, then I tell you we are on our way to see the fifth room Here I tell you that at a glance it is over and the poem is coming to an end, then we are back between the outside and the front door I say I will close the door as to say I will end the poem. Hope you enjoyed and please comment I would love to know your opinion. Angela Thorn

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