Fur Coats and Heartbreak

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When I was in my first year of high school, I dreamt that I was wearing a fur coat to school. Pretty wierd, huh? Well, from that dream I was able to create a very short story plot. I hope this interests you (n_n)

Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



This story is purely fictional. The names and places stated in this story are products of the author's imagination.


Diane Orwell was smart, funny, and naturally talented. She had the painter’s hand, which was why (with the help of her late mother’s half-sister) she graduated cum laude in Fine Arts. Her Aunt Eleanor lived out of the country and arranged for Diane to live with her after graduation and work under her company.


But all these plans were scrapped a week after January 21st, when news spread of the death of famous fashion icon, Antonio Curette. He (or for gender recognition purposes, you can say ‘she’) was the owner of LaCurette, a world-renowned company selling apparel of high value. When his untimely death due to Double Pneumonia was announced, rumors spread that a daughter born before his successful ascent into the fashion world would inherit the said company. This ‘mystery daughter’ was being tracked by showbiz and fashion journalists worldwide.


The next day, two strangers came to Diane’s dorm. The long-legged, formal lady in black introduced herself as Liberty Quinn, and the man in the blue and gold uniform was Jacque. Miss Liberty explained to Diane that she was Antonio Curette’s vice chairperson in LaCurette, Jacque was his former bodyguard, and that Diane herself was Antonio Curette’s only daughter.


Diane at first wouldn’t believe it, knowing only that her father was homosexual, the purpose of his annulment. She never expected that her father would be the rich and famous gay Curette. Her Aunt Eleanor testified to this fact, saying that Antonio once tried to contact Maurice (Diane’s mother) and had been sending money for Diane’s schooling when he heard of her death. He kept this fact a secret, even from his own daughter, to protect her and the company from ‘business tigers’. This was his fond name (as Liberty said) for other companies who wanted to grill LaCurette dry of clients.


And one such tiger was Sahara, owned by the handsome Eric Teal. His company was LaCurette’s number one competition, vying for the number one spot on the market. Often rumored as a homosexual because of his bachelor status, Eric was only put in his place because his mother, Rica Teal, was done with the business. At first he wanted to do something different with his life. He wanted to become an architect, but soon he was much engrossed with the company.


There were also other dangers, like murder plots and assassinations. One even almost happened to Diane. She was supposed to attend an important conference when a bullet almost tore through her head. If Eric had not been invited to that same conference and if he hadn’t pulled her aside because of his immediate liking to her, she would have been a goner.


It was in the spring fashion show that Diane and Eric met again. Their almost similar situation landed them in the same boat and after eleven months, paparazzi discovered the two dating in an unheard of restaurant. It was indeed true that they’d been going out together, but for competition’s sake, they made their rendezvous behind closed doors.


The public took this news positively, seeing a possible merger between the two companies. But on a rainy afternoon, a road inspection team confiscated twenty boxes of tiger fur and bearskins from one of Sahara’s delivery vehicles. The scam was reported to the government and pretty soon news of the illegal packages circled the globe. Eric Teal was devastated. Diane had wanted to come to his aid but Liberty stopped her from doing so, saying that she might drag the whole of LaCurette into the illegality.


Meanwhile, Rica heard of the tragic incident and flew home from her vacation. Upon knowing that he and Diane were out the day before, she accused LaCurette of swapping the original pina cloths for the animal furs. As Eric had told her, Diane’s company van was parked beside Eric’s in a restaurant parking lot. Eric’s driver had gone into the restaurant to eat too and only Jacque was left outside to guard the two vehicles. Rica guessed that it was Jacque who originally carried the coats and, upon Diane’s orders, placed them in the Sahara’s van.


Eric did not want to believe this, but Diane’s continuous ignoring his calls strengthened the possibility that this could have happened. Eric’s hatred intensified when pictures of Diane and a handsome actor named Dennis White, circulated. When the two finally agreed to meet (without Liberty’s knowing), it was with great anger that Eric accused Diane and broke up with her, saying that he would do everything to shut LaCurette down if she told of his ‘fur coat theory’.


Diane could have filed for slander and blackmailing, but she would only bring LaCurette down. There were no witnesses to the secret meeting. Nobody would be there to back her up. The pressure of finishing up the Fall Collection, of the many debts they had to textile companies, of her ended abrupt relationship with Eric, and Dennis’ added revelation of his liking of her, sent Diane’s health downhill.


On a Saturday evening, when a press conference was held for Dennis’ modeling of the fall collection, he announced of his love for Diane. The girl paled. She tried to rise on her feet, but found it difficult to breathe. Then and there she fainted. When she came to, she was in a hospital and the doctors discovered that she had a heart ailment. This ailment didn’t allow her to handle severe stress. After much consideration, she declined from her position and gave it to Liberty.


Three weeks later, Diane was in her condominium cleaning out her wardrobe when the doorman delivered a package. It was a tape recording, the missing one taken from the security cam inside the Sahara van. Quickly, she fed the tape into her player and watched as the truth of the whole ‘fur coat scandal’ unraveled.


The camera was above the van’s door. Slowly, the door seemed to open and from below a man wearing a black jacket began taking out the original boxes from the van. A figure of a lady stepped inside the van to survey the space. Liberty’s long legs were unmistakable. It was she who manned the operation. Then the man with the jacket appeared again, this time putting in the fake packages. That jacket seemed familiar to Diane.


Stricken with horror, she jumped to her heels and immediately dragged out from under her sorted pile of clothes the same jacket. Dennis had given it to her on a rainy weekend. Dennis was the man in the jacket! Suddenly Liberty’s face was only inches from the camera lens. With her gloved hands she removed the tape and all you could see was gray static.


Then the whole screen went black. The next picture showed an empty wall. In stepped Dennis, looking all scared and frantic. Without a moment’s hesitation he began his speech:

“Diane, I’m so sorry I’ve caused such misery upon you. If only I knew about your ailment sooner I would never have done something like that. You see, Dennis White is just my screen name. I’m really Christian Quinn in person, and I’m an adopted son. Yes, Liberty is my foster sister, and she wants the company for herself. At first she wanted to get rid of you easily so she thought of killing you at the conference.”


“When that didn’t work, she knew she needed to do things quickly. But then there was Eric. Liberty had to get rid of him first and so she did that stupid scandal. I helped out only because I was jealous of Eric. With him out of the way I could get to you. But I realized I was wrong.”


“Liberty thought I had gotten rid of the tape, but I copied it. I truly love you Diane. You mean so much to me. And if a whole lifetime in jail is the only way for you to forgive me, then so be it… and Diane, be careful of Jacque. He’s not the real Jacque that you father knows. His real name is Jensen and he’s a hired hand. You better get out of the country before Liberty knows. I’m sure if she finds out I sent you the tape she’ll hunt me down. I’m not going to see the next sunrise, so I’ll take this moment… to… to say… again… I love you.”


A tear trickled from Dennis’ sincere eyes. The screen blanked out again. Diane couldn’t believe what she had just seen. Her chest tightened, but she fought hard to control it. She took a pill and the medicine immediately had an effect on her.


Diane quickly dialed Dennis’ number on the phone, but nobody answered. Suddenly, she heard the door opening. Footsteps could be heard coming into her room. Jensen and Liberty had entered and now they were blocking the way out. “Too late Diane,” Liberty said “Christian’s dead. My bullets already took him down. And if Eric hadn’t shown up at that conference, Jensen’s stones might have done the same to you. Now where’s the tape?!”


Jensen was aiming a gun at her. She was trapped in the corner of the room. “Where’s the tape Diane?! If you give it to me, I’m going to let you out of this place unharmed. If not, I’ll personally arrange your funeral.” Liberty demanded again.


Suddenly Jensen fell to the floor unconscious. Liberty swerved around to see Eric shoot another one of his tranquilizers. She too fell to the floor. Eric hurriedly kicked the gun aside and hurried to check if Diane was okay. That evening the tape was surrendered to the officials and Liberty and Jensen were arrested. Attempted murder seemed only an ink blot in the list of cases filed against them.




“Tell me again. How did you know?” Diane asked Eric. It was thirteen months after the incident. They were huddled together on Aunt Eleanor’s veranda, sipping over hot coffee and watching the sun rise. “Dennis’, or rather Christian’s personal assistant called, saying that the actor’s been shot. He was worried that something might happen to you too. After that my mind went haywire. It was like automatic function that I grabbed my stun gun and headed for your place, despite my mom’s protests.”


Good for the PA. Diane thought. She closed her eyes only momentarily. She could picture in her mind the LaCurette-Sahara that the public had wanted so much to happen, along with the trendiest and most fashionable wedding of the decade.


Diane opened her eyes and turned her diamond-studded engagement ring round her finger. Seeing Eric fade away into slumber, she gave him a soft, gentle kiss on the cheek.

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