off..ino the horizon...

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as i said...i am a 10th grade stud...
and...the small piece of writing given is what i have to say about the place which turned me into what i am now and now i have to move away with memoriez of this place...
with all endearment...i am giving this in for fatimagiri english school....

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



The web of time entangles and enslaves

Enjoy the world. Enjoy it while you can.

Each moment that your heart is beating..

Time is passing, Time is fleeing

Live your life. Live it every day.

12 years seems like not enough!!

I entered the kinder garten of my school infused with thrill and ardour , holding on to my mom’s hand in blue and white…and my fears set in when I realised that mom would be leaving me soon. I sticked on to her and grizzled… tears streamed down my face. but …I was detached from my mother’s clutches and a teacher walked me to a classroom of many other tots, each dressed the same as I was.I soon fraternized with my new world and friends. Together we shared our feelings of loneliness in this foreign place,en masse we wrote in four-lines and doodled. .. played in the puddles and shone our shoes during breaks…

Time dawdled!!days turned into weeks and weeks into years, until now when my full length school days flash before my eyes: my first teacher…my first friend…my first class room…memories are ceaseless.

it seems like only yesterday that I was a little First Year wandering the corridors in a state of bewilderment looking for Ist A…!It seems like only yesterday when the students of my class and I were just mere freshers. we were a barnstorming array of youngsters.we lived In our own compact world, almost separate from the rest of the school.And then years after… we rejoiced with the graduating class of the year, thrilled to death that we will no longer be labelled as, "little freshers”

the years of true joy….

BUT THEN..…Overloaded with classes, huge and heavy books ,homeworks, and attendances in shambles… we did enjoy the wonderful and glorious reward: senior year.Here, we felt the sense of responsibility, the fun of life, the game of examz, the puzzle of choices, the mending of hearts and the signal to move on!!times we chortled…times we sniveled, friends and teachers we had, …naps in classes…get outz and punishmentz…sitting idle in labs…and afluttered in xam halls seeing others writing on and on but we have nothing to!!

Somuch to say..somuch to write..but…everything is beyond wordz!

You will never live these years again and there is so much to do….

Experience is said to be the greatest teacher.we had been through a lot during our school years. There were many times when we were down.There were many times when we were emotionally hurt. There were many times when we stumbled and fell, and barely stood up again. But we all learnt the lesson that one cannot learn how to stand up and be strong untill he/she slump once!

I dont know how can I ever thank and show my depth of gratitude to God for all of the wonderful people He has brought into my life….

I think of my teachers,who kindled in us real passion.they encouraged us to drive after success in hot pursuit…With infectious love and enthusiasm…they tried to instill into our minds the reality… they filled the dry bones of lessons with life…and awakened our curiosity! they always pushed us to be better …taught us to Set our choices and goals in life on the right track…Cite our target and aim great heights.they all told one thing… not People who just go along with this fast-paced world, but people who see the end of the road clearly would succeed!

Education was not confined to the four walls of the classroom…but we were brought up through all weathers and colours…

We wove webs of friendship over years… we held hands and fought the strong waves. And here we are, with our robes and tassels on, ready to pursue what we really wanted…

Several years of projects, assignments, examinations, bundles of papers - cramming so hard just to pass it on.. the deadly deadline - and a whole lot more. But then, it's still just the first phase, we have miles more..

What I realize is that it is never a building that is important, but the people that make it feel like home…!


Now…compelled to bid good – bye…. Gotta part from my Alma Mater which has shaped my life during its most impressionable pages.

The cessation is back-to-back.hard to believe that there are only a few months ahead before I must embark into the real world. Having spent twelve years of my life in this banging place with many jovial faces, I must finally stroll down the stone corridors, close the door behind me and leave. my time in school is done and yeahh!! gonna venture into new things.

gonna close another chapter of life, to finally cross the line, to reach the stars and sadly, to say goodbye…"Goodbye” ... a small word to end a feeling so great.

*****************an air of nostalgia****************

Yes, let us keep the knowledge we have annexed. Let us live the dreams we have dreamt of. Let us show the world what we really have. Together, forever, we will stand. We will bid goodbye today, but never will we forsake. We will look back to our alma mater for it is here, where it all began. Farewell! Hope to see all again in the crossroads of life.

we are indeed with vigor and energy the of FATIMAGIRI.. .and we’ll hold that name wherever we go with a can-do attitude and amour propre !!!

Memories like a procession of paegeantz!!!!!!!!!

Aspiring a daylight saving time!!

The cliffhanger!!



Another heart…

Hesitating to bow out…

Off to the horizon..



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