Change To Survive

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This is a poem to express how I had been living at one time and realized I needed a change.

Submitted: January 02, 2014

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Submitted: January 02, 2014



Vanity kills. Instant thrills, sins of devils, different levels, keeping you astray.

With a Lack of ambition for uplifting vision, really there’s much more to say.

Telling your mind causes collision with those who won’t accept your ideals.

Getting your way, there's no guidance today.

Rebels with no respect hurt others.  I know how it feels.

It's painful and strainful. Knowing you're able but still hold on because of fear.

Insanity and fame, too low of aim, no treasure for one to hold near.

It will all grow old in due time and you'll attain peace of mind.

For all things pass away and they change.

So will you learn from the past and move on?

Because in the end you'll leave it behind.

With new beginnings, few thanksgivings, deep feelings go askew.

With Late night business, morning fitness, there's so much work to do.

Random thoughts, death causes death, unhappiness, lies, and soul ties.

Bring it all to an end because if not, don't think alone you'll survive.

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