Interpretation of Life

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Here's something I wrote to vent about years ago.

Submitted: January 02, 2014

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Submitted: January 02, 2014



Confusion and talent are stored up in life just waiting till you stand up and accept the strife.

Creativeness, attentiveness and a lack of religion.

Too much will pass in time to envision.

But what about the good times and passing frustration?

It's all about taking it from interpretation.

How you look at life is yours to command.

But there's really only so much you can withstand.

Taking on positive roles makes you stronger.

The time it takes to get there may be longer.

The insanity and loneliness takes its toll.

It's un-canning how it takes on its role.

But there's nothing better than relief in your soul.

A job well done reaps well but may lull.

No more passion but tension to release.

Living for the past is redundant, why bother?

When living for life is better with the Father.

Why is it that one can't seem to realize the truth or tend to fantasize?

When Lies fill up in your heart and then you cry.

Your emptiness hurts you because you didn't try.

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