Zane Squad Runt

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From one world to another this story is about a young lady who is put into Zane Squad, a training military squad who is training for something big that may or may not lead to the extinction of the PURE human race.

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



It was more like an enclosed swamp than anything. The water was a merky, a lighter green color that you couldn't see into. There was snarly bushes that stuck out of the top of the water. There was also walls and a ceiling. Thee walls and ceiling were covered in dark green forage that gave a resemblance to sturdy vines in the amazon rainforest that I saw on Animal Planet once.  There was no sign of an outside world other than the entrance to an almost hidden cave that I may or may not have seen out of the corner of my eye when I was first put in here. I didn't know where I was or why I was there. It was almost like I was beamed into this place straight from my normal life. I could have sworn I was just about to walk into my bedroom. 

Including me, there was five of us. I didn't know any of them and they certainly didn't know me. Were they beamed there too? Are they supposed to be here? Am I supposed to be here? Was this a mistake?

Immediately, the other four paired up. One girl was very pretty and had long, dirty blonde hair. She was wearing insane heels and probably didn't know the quadratic formula by heart. The boy she paired up with looked like an internet model who just belonged in a Hollister store. He had jet black hair and bright green eyes. He was six foot one. Pretty average for a teenage boy. I didn't think he knew the quadratic formula by heart either. The other pair consisted of a teenager with darker skin. He was tall and fit. His partner who was a girl had long, curly, dark hair and wore glasses. She was extremely skinny. I bet that girl knew the quadratic formula. I was paired up with just my inhaler. None of that mattered, though, because we were all here for some unknown purpose.

Behind me, off to the right, was the cave entrance I thought I had seen just a few moments earlier, but the swamp water flowed into it and I didnt want to go into the water. What we were standing on was a small piece of green land that went back to one of the walls of the swamp. Infront of us was the, almost, shoreline into the swamp water. The air was moist and the only light was a faint glow that went throughout the whole cave provided by, what it looked like, blossomed green flowers. They resembeled the shapes of violets but instead were green. It gave us enough light to look at each other, eve though I hadn't made any eye contact with any of them up to this point. Across the swamp water, on the other side of this enclosed area, were three jeeps parked on a small piece of land. They looked old and rundown. There were also two boats parked on the other side of the swamp tied to two old docks that looked like they were rotting and about to fall apart. One of the boats looked perfect and brand new while the other looked rusted and old. 

Instantaneously, I aquired a horrible feeling. It was a feeling of danger and it felt horrifying. They must have gotten it too, because we all glanced at each other and started running for the vehicles. I was going for the extremely nice looking boat. The girl with heels kicked them off and sarted running to keep up with Hollister. The darker skinned boy held the hand of the black haired girl and they ran behind Hollister and Barbie. I was in front and there was no way I was going to go swim in that swamp water because I didn't know what was in it. I was going straight for the far wall of the swap to climb the vines and use them to get to the other side. 

As I started climbing I couldnt believe how far I was going. It was probably the adrenaline rush. I could feel sweat pouring over me and feel my blood racing a million miles a minuet.

I heard a screaming as I was climbing. It was so loud and so terrifying, I looked back to see what it was. Barbie had stepped on one of the glowing flowers and it exploded. The glowing juice of the flower had landed on her skin and it was buring her. It was almost like acid. It seemed to be a virus because it started eating the skin throughout her body.That small amount of liquid from the glowing flower had been eating her body alive. She was convulsing and screaming and begging for the pain to stop. This went on until she dissapeared into nothing.

The other three went straight into the water to start swimming to the vehicles. I had climbed up to a ledge of the wall and was standing on it gripping to the vines. The ledge was tiny and I was scared of falling. I was carefully inching my way to a hanging vine. If i jumped to it, grabbed it and slid down it I would be on the other side of the swamp. I could feel tears streaming down my face and feel my body trembling. I was breathing heavy and determined to get to that boat. 

 Right before I jumped to the vine, I looked down at the others. the black haired girl wasn't even there anymore. It looked like she had been pulled under the water. There were a great deal of bubbles coming from underneath the water and then stopped very abrubtly. Now, it was just the two boys. The look on their faces made even more tears roll down my face. They were crying as well. 

The swamp water started vibrating. They both stood up in the water and it was up to their armpits but I imagine that swimming was easier. They looked at each other just for a second and started swimming again. They were almost there too until a creature rose up from the water,  coiled itself around two of the jeeps, and took them under the swamp water. Crushing the jeeps as it descended. As we watched all of our eyes widened and we held our breath. It looked like a giant centipede a half a mile long. It's face consisted of a verticle mouth full of razor sharp teeth and as it drug the jeeps into the water it made the most horrifying, disgusting, shreek I had ever heard in my existance. Hollister started sobbing. 

My stomach turned and I jumped to the vine. I leapt as far as I could but only grabbed it with one hand. I gripped to the vine as tightly as I could and slid down so fast to the ground. The friction on my hand against the vine as I slid down made it burn and ache. I didn't hit the ground as hard as I could but it made a thud loud enough to make the boys look over at me. The dark skinned boy had gotten into the nice boat. Searching it for weapons, I presume. I started sprinting to the rundown boat. I just wanted a way out of there. I was sweating so much that it looked like I just got out of the shower. My eyes were red and extremely irritated from all of the tears and I was scared for my life.

Hollister had ran to the remaining jeep and was trying to get the drivers door open but it was jammed. I had glanced over toward Hollister and one of the giant centipedes was right behind him and was about to attack him. I screamed, "HOLLISTER! MOVE!" He glimpsed at me then looked behind him and before he could scream the centipede swallowed every inch of him whole and slid into the water. I started balling my eyes out as I got up onto the boat. 

I saw the keys already in the ignition and I was so happy. I turned them without any hesitation and the boat started right up. I then heard, "There's no steering wheel!" It was the darker skinned boy. The other boat was the wrong choice. One of the centipedes had coiled itself around the boat and crushed it and the boy. I saw him squeezed to death and his body flew everywhere. Parts of him bolted around and I just fell over, hugged my legs, and screamed. I hated this. 

I knew I was gonna die. One of the centipedes creeped over the edge of my boat swiftly and silently. It's head was ten feet away from me. I wanted to take one last breath of fresh air so I took out my inhaler. It lunged at me and instead of taking my last breath I sprayed it at the monster out of fear. It immediatedly stopped in it's traces and screeched so loud. My ears couldn't take it. I grabbed the sides of my head to make the ringing stop. It was so piercing. The creature fell infront of me and wouldnt stop wiggling and screaming. I was scared to death but I understood what was happening. I sprayed it three more times and even though it's screehing was unbearable I had killed it. It's lifeless head was laying on my boat, making it tilt toward the water. It was then, I knew I had to get my medicine into the water. 

I took the aluminum cylinder part out of the casing of my inhaler and started banging it on everyting to mak a tiny hole. I broke the piece of glass that covered the gages of the boat and took one of the small pieces of glass and hit the perfect spot. I made a miniscule enough hole for the medicine to escape and I threw it into the water. I had saved myself.

The screeching from all the creatures was excruciating. I couldnt take it. My eyes started pulsing and enlarged as i tried to cover my ears. My hands were full of blood and it was streaming like rivers down my arms. As I was breathing heavier than I ever have before I looked at the dead monster laying on the floor of my boat and it seemed to have jet black hair on the top of his head. It was all happening so fast.That is when I fainted. 

I woke up and I was laying in a white room. A woman was standing over me. She had short, brown, curly hair and was telling me to get up. "C'mon. At least tell me your name." Then I tried to talk but I couldnt. I saw her head turn around. "Where did you guys find her? In an orphanage? Is she broken?"

I sat up and I was in a white gown laying in a bed. This looked like a high tech hospital. She grabbed my shoulders. "Listen. Look me in the eyes." I did and then she preceeded to tell me, "Congradulations. You are now part of Zane Squadron. We are the most advanced military squad for teenagers in training. We stick together and we are your family. I am captain of the squad, Shell, and since I am older and more expirienced then you, you shall listen to me or else." She then laughed and looked at the doctors around her. "Haha my name is Shell and I just said shall. Funny. Right? Okay. You must be something special since you are here. I'm gonna ask you a few questions." I nodded then she asked, "How old are you?"


"Are you a female?"

I kind of looked at her confused and said, "Yes."

"Any health problems?"

"I can't remember."

"What is your name?"

"I... can't remember."

"Well this sure is a bright one! Thank you doctors for giving me this pristine, well working, young woman." She then had me get up and told me to keep up with her. I had no clothing on except for that stupid, uncomfortable night gown. We walked a long time down a series of hallways and finally went through a door. It was a small, comfortable room. There was a large case that held a uniform in it, a small lamp to provide some light, a dresser, bed, trunk, and my own small bathroom that had a shower. She told me to get something on and advised me to look in the dresser. 

When I looked inside there was the same exact outfit but there was a lot of them. I looked at her and then she left. I took out one of the outfits and it was a one piece body suit with dreary dark blue designs on it. When I put it on I zipped up to the turtle neck part and the blue designs glowed bright. It scared me at first and don't know why it did. This suit covered my feet and everything. It felt so odd. It hugged my body and I suddenly became self-conscious. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I had a curvy body and blonde hair that went four inches past my shoulders. It was so silky and shiney.  My skin was soft and clear. My eyes were a bright blue. Almost like ice and the glowing of my suit made them pop even more. I don't remember me being like this. I don't remember much at all. 

I left the room to look around at this place. This particular series of hallways was comprised of living quarters. Rooms like mine. There were teenagers dressed in the same outfit walking around and talking to each other. It is all very confuing. When I rounded the corner to of one of the hallways I was suprised to see one side of the wall made of windows. I was stunned. This looked like a war base, just like the ones you see on the futuristic movies. It looked so high tech and so interesting. Beyond the base was forest. So much of it, infact, that it looked like we were in the middle of nowhere. 

I got startled because as I was looking someone tapped my shoulder and I jumped a little and spun around. It was a boy. He looked my age and was taller than me by about three inches and a little to close for comfort. His brown eyes widened when he looked at me and held out his hand for me to shake it.

"You have blue eyes." He said perplexed.

"And you, my good sir, have brown eyes." I had said with indifference.

"It's just unusual..." He then asked, "Are you new here? Did you want me to show you around?"

"I would, actually, really appreciate that."

I, then, was following him down many hallways and eventually we got to a huge room. He said, "This is were everyone eats," and smiled. "What squad are you in, anyway?"

"Ummm a lady told me Zane Squad I think."

"No kidding. That is for the most advanced kids. No offence by this, but why were you placed in that squad?" Then he sat down at a round table with some other people that I presumed were his friends. They all stopped what they were doing and started taking glances at me. One, in particular, was staring. That one boy then said, "Jay, she has blue e.." Jay cut him off and said, "I know bro." and smiled again. He had a really nice smile. 

I felt uncomfortable. "I don't know why I'm in that squad and I don't know why I'm here."

Jay asked,"What is your name?"

"I don't know." I said, embarassed. Then I looked down. 

Jay put his arm around me and said, "Hey it's alright. Guys, lets call her Brooker."

My name is Brooker. I am Unit 18 part of Zane Squad and I knew after my best friend, Jay Unit 643 of Alamo Squad, had named me, that he knew the quadratic formula by heart. 


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