Give Me Hope

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There is a website called Gives Me and it is truly inspiring, I've decided to post some of the quotes and stories from there.

Submitted: April 13, 2010

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Submitted: April 13, 2010



Gives Me Hope is a website, that I read a lot of, just to keep my hopes up.I have my own personal GMH in here, and it means a lot to me. This isn't conventional writing that I want people to review. It's something that I want people to think about, and really think about. In all honesty I don't care about grammar or spelling in this. Just the meaning.

Many of them have brought me to tears, here are just a few of them. GMH

Years ago, my brother's best friend in elementary school had a brain tumor. After his surgery, he wasn't allowed to play outside at recess with all the other kids. I found out that my brother stayed with him in the classroom everyday until he could go outside again. His selflessness GMH.


My boyfriend has a learning disability and was told he'd never make it in college.

This past semester, he passed all his classes at a local community college, including a math class he has had to retake 4 times. I have never been so proud of him.

His determination to prove the nay-sayers wrong GMH


One of my friends found out both her parents were hospitalized that same night. Financially unable to fly home, she went into work the next day - quietly mentioning her concern to a

co-worker that she picks up every morning. Word got to her boss and he covered the flight expense and she was on her way home by that afternoon. Bosses with hearts GMH


I work two jobs and money is very tight.

One day, I was ordering dinner at Subway, and when I got to the register, I realized that I didn't have enough money to pay for my meal. Embarrassed, I left the store and started walking home.

After a few minutes, I was stopped by a man in a Subway uniform who gave me a free sandwich and a hug. GMH.


Today, I was in the feminine-products aisle when a middle-aged man started asking me what brand I liked to use and which were the most effective, etc. It turns out that he is a single father to a preteen girl with Down Syndrome, and he was trying to find out which products work the best for his little girl. Caring, loving fathers GMH.


Yesterday I was watching the nightly local news.

A story came up about a 2nd grade girl who was diagnosed with leukemia and lost her hair. A boy in her class not ONLY shaved his head so she wouldnt be alone, he also got their whole class to do it too. I cried.

Good people, at all ages, GMH.


Today my friend's dad gave us $100 to go buy two remote control cars for some kids he knew. The kids come from such a poor family that all they had asked for for Christmas was toilet

bowl cleaner so they would have a clean toilet. When we asked him why he wanted to do this he said he wanted to see them smile. My friend's dad GMH.


I was on my way home from a difficult day at work and sat at a stop light crying, I looked over and this little old man with a cowboy hat was singing country. That alone brought a smile to

my face but when he looked at me and saw my tears he pretended to lasso and pull me in. Cute old men who know exactly what a girls dream man would do GMH.


Today I was visiting my grandmother in the nursing home when I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand. I called a nurse to ask about them thinking they were just two very

confused people. The nurse told me that the woman does have severe demensia but that the man is her husband.

He admitted himself so they would not be separated. He GMH


Today, I saw one of the most popular seniors in my grade eat lunch with the wheelchair-bound, mentally-challenged freshman girl who is always by herself. She made the girl laugh and

talked to her like she was no different than her other friends. The senior girl then invited her to go see Twilight this weekend. Her kindness GMH.


I work in an airport. Today, a group of around 50 Army soldiers got off one of our flights, about 5 at a time, coming home. In an instant, the entire concourse got on their feet and gave a

standing ovation until every last soldier got off the plane. GMH


One of the smartest girls at my high school seemed to stop trying and started habitually coming to school late, with bloodshot red eyes, and stopped performing at her best. Everyone

thought she succumbed to drugs or gave up. We found out she sacrificed her time and grades to care for her dying grandfather. Her selfless devotion GMH.


Today, I attended my late grandma's funeral. In the middle of it, while I was struggling to maintain my composure, 12 friends from college showed up. My friends drove 80.18 miles and

have NEVER met this woman. I'm a freshman. Friends like these GMH.


This last one is my own Gives Me Hope...

My mom died of cancer January 7th 2010. Everyweek my grandfather calls my cellphone to check up on me and my dad. His wife and my grandmother died in the summer of 2009. Despite his loss of his soul mate and his youngest child he stands strong and calls every week making sure we're okay. His strength GMH.

Gives Me Hope

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