How Angel lost her heart to a stranger

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Submitted: November 09, 2009

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Submitted: November 09, 2009





It was a miserable day outside and Angel sat there on the park bench, watching everyone run for shelter, petrified of a little bit of rain.  People are so materialistic and are so shallow, concerned only about themselves and their material possessions. 


What Angel was feeling inside was a hundred times worse than what the weather was doing.  She felt so empty.  Like the sound of the rain drops crushing down on the tin roof tops, rustling the leaves in the trees, so sounded her heart inside her chest.


When Angel was at her lowest and thought that things could not get worse, just as she was about to give up on life, she heard a strange voice speak to her.  This voice was surprisingly calm and reassuring.  She looked up and she saw a tall figure standing in front of her.  He was a tall man with now soaked blonde hair surrounding his face and his crystal blue eyes seemed to look into her soul, yet she could not force herself to look away from his captivating gaze.  The tall blonde man once again spoke and asked, “Are you alright ma’am?”  Finally Angel managed to open her mouth to speak and all she was able to say was, “I guess I am.”  The man took a seat next to her and looked at her a little more closely in the eyes and noticed how beautiful this woman really was, but he also could not help but notice how sad she looked and with a little more examination, he saw her tears in the rain.  He asked her for her name and she said, “It’s not important who I am, no one really cares anyway, so why should someone like you be any different?” He retorted with something which made Angel smile for the first time that day.  He said, “You are more than you believe and once you believe it so will everyone else.  You are a beautiful young lady and to feel this way already is not a good thing.”  Angel looked up at this stranger whom had taken a liking to her.  She looked into those eyes and was true and real compassion, she studied his facial features and noticed that he was older than she was, she found her eyes wondering over his face and looking at his strong facial features and the lines around his eyes showing that he himself had not had an easy life.  Angel replied, “I really appreciate your concern, no one has ever really cared about me this way, I once thought that my fiancé did, but I now know that he never really did.  You see, my fiancé, ex-fiancé, he told me that I was the only love of his life and that he could never live without me.” “Hold on, I don’t want to speak about this, not right now, I don’t want to interrupt what seems to be the best day of my strange existence thus far.”

“What is your name?” Angel asked.

“Jason, what is yours?”  He replied.

“My name is Angel, and I just want to thank-you for stopping in this pouring rain to see if I was ok and took the time out to be genuine, you don’t get that very often anymore.”

He replied with his voice so calm, “People today are too self-consumed to care about anyone else, so busy with their lives and work that they hardly even notice the people who love them.  I myself take the time out everyday to thank those people in my life and to spend some time getting in touch with myself.  Noticing you was just part of who I am.  I don’t believe in coincidence or happenstance, every thing in life happens for a reason and perhaps it is even symbolic.”

Angel was so taken aback with this response, she sat there completely speechless. 


There they sat, side by side in the pouring rain, taking in each others silent company, Angel feeling rather relieved and strangely happy, which was a welcome change in her life.  Angel looked at Jason and thought of how someone like him had found her; how he was suppose to come into her life.  She thought about what he had said and thought that he was right, it was symbolic.  One door closed on her, but another just opened in front of her eyes.  She wondered whether she should let this opportunity slip by or whether she should grab the door with both hands and make her way inside.


The latter of the options she thought.  As she thought this Jason turned to face her and said, “I just got out of a relationship which was very detrimental to my mentality, she tried to change who I am and she became very obsessive and controlling.  I couldn’t take it any longer, so I took our 5 year relationship and ended it.  The internal scars are not gone, but I am slowly healing myself.  If you want, I can show you the ways and I can open your mind to more…”  Angel sat there for a moment and thought about his offer.  She turned to face him and with a smile on her face she said, “That would be lovely.”

They continued to sit in silence and by this time all the people had gone and the birds were quiet and there was no living organism in sight.


Angel got up and told Jason that she were to get going.  He offered to walk with her and she agreed.  They walked in silence once again.  Angel recalled how strange it felt to feel such a connection with someone that she was not even talking to.  Finally they reached her door.  “Thank-you once again for everything that you did and said today.  And I look forward to speaking to you again soon.  Here is my card.”  And she handed him a card with her details on. 


Satisfied with himself, feeling a great sense of remorse and compassion, they bid farewell and he went on his way.


For hours after he had left, Angel sat on her couch and wondered about her beautiful encounter with this strangely attractive man.  She wondered on his words and thought about his charming smile and those eyes that could look into your soul and through your body.



2 weeks later…


Time heals all wounds is what Angel had been told.  “Yeah Right” she thought.

Just as she completed her thought, the phone rang and she heard a voice on the other side, “Hi there Angel, are you home?” 

“Jason, is that you?”

“Yes it is, so are you home?”

“Yes I am.”

As she answered him she heard a knock on the door.  She walked over to the door, opened it and smiled.

She put the phone by her side and said, “Hello Jason.”

He saw the smile on her face and took her into his arms in an embrace which seemed to last forever, one she didn’t want to end.  Finally he set her loose and she offered him some coffee.

He came inside and they ended up talking for hours.  They discovered how much they actually have in common.  Both of them sat there, forgetting about everything that was bothering them and they laughed until they got tummy aches. 


Both of them fell in love all over again, neither of them expected this nor did they plan on this happening.  But the feeling was so good that they could not deny it, nor would they want to fight their feelings. 


Every day after that they met each other for lunch and they fell deeper and deeper in love.  That is how the story of how Angel met Jason and lost her heart to a complete stranger.  This is how Angel became the luckiest girl in the world.


The love that Angel and Jason share is something special and it’s something that they neither of them fought, it was not forced.


Moral of this story is:

Every cloud has a silver lining and everyone deserves to be loved in the perfect way.  If you have not found that love yet, then don’t give up hope, that special someone is out there and don’t try to hard.  The best things come when you least expect them to…


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