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This poem maybe a little gothic then the other one, but enjoy.

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



Slowly falling into slumber
Going into something horror
Entering dream world
One at a time
Prepare to re defy your nightmare

People, places, things
Flash through your mind
Seeming as if its real
Showing your hearts desire
Knowing it will not become real

Shifting from side to side
To make the pain go away
But you can not awaken
From your destiny

You are stuck inside your dream
Be prepared to scream
Like its never going to end
Preparing for the worst heart breaking mend

Running and running for your life
Into your dream
Trying to yelp and scream
To go back to what it seems

Hearts desire in your dream
Is worse than anything
You will believe
Haunting you every night
Tearing your eyes out of sight

Gasping to be awaken
Caught underneath the mistaken
Dream world has sucked you in
It has just begun

Wake up wake up
Its time to start your day
Snap out of it
Let the dream be

Every night
Dream world will take over
Be aware of its hunger
For it drains into your subconscious mind
To become everything to be refined

Dream world
Will twist and turn
Your most deepest desires
Into something you’ll never be required to do

Sink or swim
That is your choice
In this game
Called dream worlds case

It decides you’re dream
Before you can even fall asleep
Be care full
It will be a terrible heat

In the end
It will begin again
But you’ll be ready
To dream of another dream
And have yourself a dreadful scream

Dream world

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