Dripping Ribbons

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My first posted poem out of many that i have written. Enjoy and comment.

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



*drip, drip, drip*
*drip, drip, drip*
A voice calls apon me

My eyes open
Blurred at sight
Can’t see anything
Till my eyes clear

Where am I
This I wonder
I seem to be engulfed in darkness
Nothing is around me
But Ribbons…

Ribbons cover my body
As I barely float above
A flower that is about to bloom
It seems to defy thy tune

A light shimmers from above
I feel nothing from a numbing
Feeling of not awaking
In a deep slumber of nothing

I hear voices from above
But I cannot hear a single word
What happened to me?
Where am I suppose to be?

The Rhythm of drops
Pour down and crash besides me
Why can’t I leave?

Where am I suppose to be?

*drip, drip, drip*
*drip, drip, drip*
Feels like rain
Pouring down insane

The ribbons are pulling me in
Toward the flowers painful thorns
I want to wake up
Before my life span is torn…

The flowers has engulfed me
The ribbons have caught me
My eyes go shut again
But then I awake from a numbing sin

Everyone I love is around me
They are glad to see me
Was I in a dream
Should I have believed?

*drip, drip, drip*
*drip, drip, drip*
I still hear the sound
Echo in my head around

I’m glad to be awaken
Before I was taken by ribbons
Everything I know is a lie
I feel I’m running out of time

I will never forget
This dream I mistook
For something that wasn’t real
Pulling me in by the wheel

My dream felt so real
To what I’m know to fail
Never again I want to dream that dream again
Till I see those Ribbons around my sin…

Dripping Ribbons

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