My Breath

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Short story

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013




You grabbed me and pulled me close to your face. You placed your lips onto mine and you took my breath. You let my body drop to the ground and you laughed evilly. You stood over me looking at my hollow body. You then picked it up. I breathed. You kissed me once more and drained the breath i had left in me. Then you let my body drop once more to the icy cold ground. You stood over me once again then bent down to me and sat by my body. Your hand went onto my face and you felt the coldness. You looked into my eyes and saw nothing but black. You rolled me over to my back and then you kiss me once more and you let your lips lye there. You gave me back the breath that you had taken from me. You let me live. I woke up from my unconsciousness and saw you kissing me. I pushed away and looked at my body and said, "i'm alive." You looked at me with soft eyes and then i looked at you but you vanished right before my eyes. I stood up and looked for you but never found you. I walked home under neath the dark sky. I walked under a light and saw you once again standing there. Your eyes were white, your skin was pale, you lips were drained of color and you had no body. You were a ghost standing right in front of my eyes. You walked toward me. I backed away and ran, you ran after me. I ran back to the park and stood under neath an oak tree you we next to me. You whispered, "I can take the pain away." I gasped. i did not want to die. but i wanted to ease the pain i had. So i let you kiss me and let you take my breath away and let me die under that oak tree. Now i lye peacefully underneath that oak tree in the ground where i am slumbering for now. There will be a time again when you come back to me and give me back my breath and i shall live again... to live among the humans and with you. We shall take the breaths of the lives of them. But i will never forget that day you stole my breath from me.. 

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