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Status: Finished

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A story i wrote.
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A story i wrote.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The_Rose

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A story i wrote.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 21, 2010



The rose


As I walked through the flower patch of roses,

I stopped and saw a blue one

Now it was very rare to see a blue one

None exist anywhere in the world

I picked the rose

But it had thorns surrounding its stem

It pricked my fingers and I dropped the flower and it dropped to the ground

I held my hand from the searing pain I was in

I looked at my hand and blood was coming out of my fingers

It was dripping from my hands onto the ground

I licked my hand to stop the blood from dripping but it kept pouring out of me

I then grabbed some cloth and wrapped it around my hand

Then I picked up the blue rose I had dropped

The thorns still were there and they looked painful

How can such a beautiful rose be so painful?

Its beauty was worth it

I stared at it for hours

But the thorns were so long and could prick an eye out

I looked at the blood that dripped from my hand and landed on the ground

It was in the shaped of a heart and inside the heart was the name of the guy I loved

It was so cute and romantic

But I wondered how it happened

I looked at the rose again

It just was beautiful with it radiance of blue in the sunlight

My hand was still bleeding within the cloth

But then I looked at the thorns and it had blood on them

How can this rose make a heart and put the name of the guy I loved in the heart

All of the sudden the rose turned colors

It turned to red

“Red?” I asked puzzled

I wondered if it was one of those mood changing roses

Or it changed color due to my blood

The thorns were still there with the blood from my hand and the heart was still on the ground with the name of the guy I love inside it

I began to cry because I really missed him

I looked at the rose and it changed back to blue

Then it began to rain over me and over the rose patch I was surrounded in

I just cried my eyes out and it just kept pouring rain over me

I then heard a voice and I looked up with tears running down my eyes

It was my guy

I wiped away my tears and hugged him

The rain stopped and it cleared and I was holding him close

He said, “I’m here now, stop crying”

I stopped crying and just held him close to me

I looked at the rose and it turned once again to red and I smiled

My guy asked me, “why do you have a rose?”

I said, “because it was blue and I never seen one and so I picked it to look at its beauty”

“But it’s red,” he said

“its one of those mood changing roses,” I said

“really?” he asked

“yeah,” I said

“lets see it work,” he said

“well do something so it can change,” I said

“ok, but I don’t mean it when I say it, but I just want to see the rose change ok?” he said

“hit me,” I said

“I want to break up with you,” he said

I began to cry immediately and the pain was so real that I could feel it

The rose changed from red to a sad dark blue and it rained and stormed over us.

Then it changed from dark blue to black

My body felt like it was hollow and empty with no soul

“amber?” my guy said

I didn’t answer, my body was hollow, my eyes white and black my body had no color even my lips had no shade of red

The weather went crazy, it stormed like crazy, the heart of blood washed away

I was still holding the rose in my hands

It then turned from black to white

I then let go of it and it pierced my heart and went into my body

I then said, “no one breaks my heart!”

I then put my hands up to the sky and called for lighting and it boomed and crashed all over the field

It almost even hit my guy

“Amber, amber, snap out of it!” he called shaking me

“Back away heart breaker!” I said as I pushed him away with great force

He then came back and held me close and said, “I didn’t mean it, honest and true please calm down.”

“Prove it,” I said. He then kissed me passionately and like he really meant it. The weather calmed down and stopped acting crazy and the rose came out of me and dropped to the ground. I turned back to normal but he was still kissing me.

I then pulled away and said what happened?

He said, “that rose was evil and took over your body.”

I looked at the rose that was on the ground and I saw it vanish before my eyes and I said, “it was the thorns that caused this.”

“All that matters to me is your normal again,” he said.

We then hugged and we left that rose patch and I never came back. But I will never forget the day that rose took over my body with its thorns.  The end.

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