The perfect match

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Happy valentines day...This is my short story that I am entering in a contest I hope that you like it :)

Submitted: February 04, 2014

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



A heart is a heart, it can be loved, cherished,broken and ripped apart into tiny pieces that cut through your skin like the sharpest of knives. No one can change that, even the strongest of matter how hard they try. A heart though only has one match, a perfect fit to it's broken corners. The perfect match fills in the blanks even to the pieces that you have forgoten, To things that you didn't even know you knew.

The perfect match teatches you about the true meaning of love.

Carissa Kayles ran her fingres through her tangled dark blonde hair and let out a puff of air as she bent forwards, hands on her knees as she took deep breaths. Her white tank top and her jacket were soaked through and so were her leggings as beads of sweat rolled down her neck and back. Even though it was the middle of winter.

Central park wasn't overly crowded today, that was very starange on Valentines day. A few elder couples walked through here and a few younger couples inbetwen them; even a few single people walked by themselves. A stroll in Central Park- as a NewYorker was a tradition on Valentines day; all any other day for that matter.

As Crissa straightened herself out, she watched all the other couples comming past her. She sighed and walked over to one of the water fountains,choosing to ignore the couples and the reminder of being alone on such a romantic day. The feeling of self pity started to gnaw in her stomach as she remembered her recent breakup with her fiance` just a week ago.The water cooled down her flushed body, she leaned against the water fountain, remembering the past week with distaste.

The days were spent in bed with two mountains full of tissues on either side of her, a half a bottle of cherry cider and black and white movies. If you had to ask her how she felt, she would of replied by either mumbling or bursting out crying. Her friend Stacy had finally manged to get her ass out of bed and forced her back into the real world. What a nice loving friend that is. Carissa laughed and rolled her eyes at the memory of her friend telling her to get he lazy,sorry as out of bed.

A large crash came from the street and jolted Carissa out of her thoughts and away from her self pity. With on last sip of water  from the fountain. She then turned and leaned against the wall once again going into thought, she jolted back into the past, all of a sudden the pathway just gave way underneath her feet.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" Said a masculine voice.

A big arm came down and helped her up from the cold ground. Carissa made a sound of disgust as she felt the back of her leggings, they were soaked.

"Are you alright?" Asked the voice again.

Carissa looked up from her wet pants and into caremel eyes. She smiled " Yeah I'm fine, I'll have to go home. Other than that I'm good." She said.

The stranger nodded and straightened the oversize black beanie he was wearing, and giving her a friendly smile. "Well if there has been no bodily damage,I should go."

"Yeah,thank you for helping me up."

He smiled again, "Not a problem." He was walking passed her when he stopped,"Hey out of curiosity what is a girl like you doing alone on valentine's day?"

Carissa raised a brow," A girl like me? What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, you just don't seem to be the type of girl who should be alone on Valentine's day," Gesturing to the couples in the  park.

"Well I could ask you the same thing," She said putting her hands on her hips and giving him a look. "I mean it is after 7:00 Am, wouldn't you rather be spending this time with your wife?"

"I'm not married."



"Well I guess that answears that." She muttered.

"And you, any boyfriend? Husband? single?"

"Fiance'," He made a O sound,"Or rather a lack of, he broke it off a week ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

Cariss gave back a soft," Me to."

"I'm Jessie Calister by the way," he said going closer to her and holding out his hand.

"Carissa Kayles."

"Well Carissa do you mind telling me how far your house is, your clothes are pretty soaked. Sorry about that."

Carissa shook her head,"Downtown, but I stayed at a friends house last night, she stays a few blocks from here."

"You will catch a cold if you walk, or jog in those clothes. My friends cafe' is a block from here. If we cut across this across here then it's just around the corner. His sister works there and she always keeps spare clothes, I'm sure she could lend you something."

Carissa thought about it for a moment, " Yeah,alright sounds good to me."

The two started across the wet grass, the water going into their shoes, coming across the sidewalk five minutes later. They carried on walking to their destination. Jessie didn't lie when he said it was right around the corner. The Cafe was more of a laidback place than a cafe'. The walls were burnt red and the counter tops were dark stone; it was dimly lit but had a very comfortable feel to it. Cariss grinned as she stepped into the place and immediately fell inlove with it.

A warm hand fell to the middle of her back as Jessie guided her to the counter. " Stay here,I'll be right back."

She shrugged, where was I going to go she thought to herself.

Jessie dissapeared behind the counter and into the back of the store. Carissa started to look at all the photo's that were on the wall. They were all balck and white fashion photo's. Magazines were stacked on coffee tables and dark cream colored chairs and couches for people to sit on.

"Oh you poor thing."

Carissa turned around bewildered as a woman from behind her made a tsking sound. She came face to face with a small girl, with bright green eyes and blonde curls. "You're soaked!" She exclaimed turning Carissa in a circle, the poor girl looking wildly for Jessie, or any one to help her get this girl off of her.

"I told you I would find her," came a voice from behind Carissa. The hostage girl turned around to face Jessie and another next to him who was couple, inches shorter than Jessie with a muscular build though not over stocky, his light brown hair hanging unaturally straight, past his shoulders.

" Fee,you scaring her." Jessie said walking around the counter." We were wondering if you could lend her some clothes."

"Yeah,look where you have taken her. To a place full of loosers," Said the guy with the long brown hair.

"Says the long haired freak who wants to be like us, you  have to be cool to be a loser."

"I can't believe we are related," he mutted.

Jessie rolled his eyes," Carissa this is Alex and Fee,they are related not like they tell any one," he said with a chuckle. "And don't worry this is normal."

Carissa smiled at the pair,the girl wasn't that bad when you realize that she isn't crazy. "It's nice to meet you guys."

Fee smiled brightly, "Carissa, come with me. You and me look to be the same size, though you seem to be a bit taller but that doesn't matter.Dry clothes are better than wet ones. Agreed?" Carissa nodded her head in agreement. Fee dragged her into the back.

" Strip for me darling," Fee said in her best French accent. Carissa laughed and stripped out of her wet clothes.

"Here these should fit," Fee said tossing her Jeans and a pink shirt. " I have some boots you can wear. What size are you?"

"6 and a half," she said while getting dressed.

"Okay,I'm a 7. I got big feet. These should fit you."

She took the black boots, "Thank you."

Jessie and Alex were talking amongst themselves when the two girls came back. They turned around when Fee announced that they were back. Alex just rolled his eyes at his sister and gave Carissa a smile. " I'm glad my sisters clothes fit you, besides it looks better on you anyway."

" Shut up," said Fee.

" Not until you murder me will I be as silent as the grave."


Carissa shook her head and she turned to face Jessie. He gestured to her to go with him. He led her to a window seat in the corner, two cups of coffee were at either side with two scons. " I didn't know how you liked your coffee so I just guessed. You look like a cream and two sugars kind of girl."

Carissa smiled. Jessie pulled out her chair so that she can sit. "You guessed right,but you left out a sugar,' she said while sitting down.

Jessie made his way to his seat and sat dowm across from her. "Your sugar miss."

"Why thank you Mr Calister."

They sat there for a little while sipping their coffee, Carissa was the first one to break the silence. "So coffee?"

"I thought I owed you that much."

" You have done so much for me already, coffee is just a bonus," she said with a smile taking another sip of her perfectly made coffee.

Jessie watched her slowly, taking his time to memorize every detail. Her long blonde hair that curled and hang loosley on her back, her green eyes and her long dark eyelashes that complemented them and that satred back at him from time to time.

Eventually Carissa asked, "What?"

"I can't understand why a guy would break off an engagement to a girl as beautiful as you," he stated ina confused manner.

Carissa started to blush as she looked down at her cup," I can't either.." she murmured. "Not the beautiful part,but the breaking it off part. All he said was that it wasn't working."

" Well he's an idiot," Jessie said. "He doesn't know what he is missing."

"Exactly," she said nodding in agreemenet. "He had his chance, it's over now and it's time to move on."

The two peeked at eachother from behind their coffee cups and grinned. A silence hang again in the air,but contentment hang with it creating an easy atmosphere.

"So carissa, tell me about yourself."


One year later

" Oh my gosh," Stacy said while she was running around trying to get two champaign glasses in Carissa's small apartment." They are going to be here any minute. Carissa what are you doing by the window, get over here."

Carissa sighed at the thought of her friends comming to visit. The night lights were every where, that created a wonderful glow through her whole apartment.

"Comming," she said from over her shoulders. She took one last look outside before joining her rushed friend at the dining table.

Carissa set the table on the beautifuloval table. Stacy really went all out this valentines day. Stacy cooked the meals as Carissa couldn't cook o save her life. The champaign  was placed in the middle of the table and the glasses infront of the silver. Stacy placed the last bit of the food on the table as the guests were there.

Cariss went to open the door to smiling faces, Fee, Alex and Jessie who was holding his own bottle of red wine. Carissa smiled at them and gestured for them to come inside. They went into the dining area to see Stacy and to say hello. Carissa smiled at the thought of them being together agin on valentines day a year later when they just met a year ago on this very same day.


She turned by her name. Jessie stood behind her, a look of nervousness on his face.

"What is it?" She questioned stepping closer to him in the empty hallway. "Jessie?"

Jessie took a few minutes to gather his thoughts before speaking. " Carissa I want to ask you something, you know this was a lot easier in my head."

Carissa noddded her head. "You make it sound like a good thing," she laughed.

Jessie rolled his eyes and continued," I wanted to ask you....Would you be my Valentine?" The last words were soft and questioning, though the look in his eyes were intense and soft.

They didn't notice when three other heads peeked around the corner to spy on them.

Carissa raised an eyebrow, surprised by his words. He has always been a friend, but a little more than that to her. To her, he was her Jessie. With a tilt of the head and a smile on her face she said "Yes."

The grin on Jessies face was wider than possible, he then produced a single red rose from thin air. " A rose for a rose," he whispered as he bent down to kiss her cheek.

" Oh how sweet," said Alex breaking the moment. Jessie and Carissa turned around to see all their friends staring and watching them in amazement.

" Shut up you idiot," said Fee while straightening herself.

" Both of you shut up, can't you see they are trying to have a romantic moment."

Fee rolled her eyes, "The freak ruined it obviously."

"Says the girl who said we should listen to them."

" I didn't."

Stacy spoke up,her New Jersey accent becoming thicker as she spoke,"Now that we have all witnessed our tow best friends declare their love for one another, after a year of puting it off, they have to finish it off with a Valentines memorible kiss. So do the honors of kissing your oh so yummy Vantine!" Jessie and Carissa gave eachother a confused look.

With that being stated he turned Carissa in his arms and without hesitation he kissed her. A slow and sweet one, that made her heart leap from her chest.

" Ahhs" echoed the room, Alex made a gaging impression with his fingre but he was also smiling at the new couple. Jessie and Carissa turned around and faced their friends with light in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

"Now that's over with, let's go eat." Said Fee.

Stacy snorted in disagreement," Yeah and while you do that I will get to know that bubbly that has been calling my name ever since I got out of the cab."

George and Stacy followed behind her, rolling their eyes while she spoke. Jessie and Carissa followed them with their hands locked in together as one. As the dinner progressed every one some time or another looked around at all the smiling faces. This was it, the thing people talk about most in life love. It was about this, it didn't have to be romantic, sentimental. It was about spending time with the ones you love, not just one but all. At some point or another they had all realised it. They had indeed found their perfect matches.





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