" STARJUMPER " ( BlackTears Challenge )

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BlackTears Challenge!!!

Submitted: June 08, 2009

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Submitted: June 08, 2009



" StarJumper "

( BlackTears Challenge )

GalaxyMoon was a mystical place, where Queen Starlena ruled, and fairies roamed free. It was a beautiful planet that shimmered in the sunlight, and glowed in the moons delicate beams.

Fantasia would soon be turning sixteen, and she was looking forward to her journey to the stars. It was a journey all fairies had to make, on their sixteenth birthday.

It was an important event, where you are given five things. A potential fairy, must travel from star to star, in search of the things on their list. If a fairy fails to complete their search, they are considered unworthy.

Fantasia didn't want to be among those, she wanted to earn her wings, so one day she would rule GalaxyMoon.

" Mother! " Fantasia asked. " Where is my silver slippers? I left them by my bed, and now their gone. Have you seen them?"

" Yes dear, i've seen them, but they weren't by your bed, as you say. You left them in the bathroom, again." She scolded.

" Sorry mom!" She frowned, seeing her mother upset. Fantasia had a problem keeping up with her things. Her mom was concerned about the journey she was about to take in a few days.

" How is she going to make the trip, and find the things, if she cant even keep up with her shoes? " This worried her mom, and it was just two moons away.

Fantasias mother remembers when she too, had to make the journey. It wasn't easy, and she failed to find her last item. She was found to be unworthy, and her chance of becoming Queen was lost. But it didn't bother her much, because he enjoyed just being Fantasia mother...

All Fantasia could think about was becoming Queen, it was her dream. The one thing she has waited on for fifteen years. Fairies with wings, are considered honorable, and worthy of the throne. Not many complete the journey, but those that do, are given their wings. The greater the honor, the brighter their wings. Fantasia wanted just that, the brightest wings.

Sitting at the edge of GalaxyMoon, Fantasia gazed at the stars, and remembered what her mother told her about the journey.

" Do your best, and dont be in too big of a hurry as i was. Just find the things on your list. The stars hold many beautiful wonders, and will distract you, if you let them."

Fantasia lowered her head, and cried. " I love you mother, with all my heart, but i dont want to be like you. Unhappy, and empty. I will complete this journey, and make you proud of me."

Fantasia couldn't sleep, the night before the event. She lay there looking out her window, watching the stars twinkle, and shine. She was a little scared, as she finally drifted off to sleep.

Morning broke, and Fantasia jumps out of bed. She joins her mother in the kitchen. " Remember what i told you, Fantasia. Dont doddle, just look for the things on your list."

She eats a light breakfast, and kisses her mother goodbye.

" Good luck! " her mom smiled. " I'll be there before you take off."

When Fanstasia reached the starting point, there were hundreds of fairies there. There were ten fairies that will taking the journey. one of them was her best friend, CrystalEyes. She was sitting alone, with a sad look on her face.

" Whats wrong, crystal? Why the long face? "

" I'm scared," looking up with tears in her eyes. " I'm afraid."

" Dont be afraid, it will be fun! " Fantasia smiled. " Its like looking for treasure."

" I guess," she laughed. Her eyes brightened up, " Thanks! "

Queen Starlena was taking names, and handing out temporary wings, used only for this competition. The wings were made of gold, and had magical powers. They were programed to bring a fairy back to GalaxyMoon, where there is a problem.

Fantasia puts her wings on. She loved the way they made her feel. She felt the power they posessed. Not to mention, they were the most beautiful...

The faries were handed their list, and was told they had ten minutes to look over them. Fantasia checks her five items, and prepares to fly.

The first on her list was a pink and yellow butterfly, that dwelled on the Morning Star. " Gosh! " She thought, " a hard one already. There are thirty different kinds of butterflies on that star."

The fairies had one full moon to find all their items. The fairies were told, they could not help one another, if the rules were broken, they will be disqualified...

The girls looked at each other, and prepared to take their journey. Fantasia turns to her mother, and she blows her daughter a good luck kiss.

Suddenly the queen gives the order, and they were off.

Fantasia leaps, and heads for the first star on her list. She is mesmerized, as she soars through the atmosphere. The golden wings spead out as far as they would go, and she felt so happy, and free.

She leaped from one star to the other. She comes to Morning Star, and makes a perfect landing. Her golden wings folded,as her feet touched down. It was amazing here. There were butterflies floating everywhere. She remembers what her mother said, and began to search for the pink and yellow one.

In the distant, beyond the other colorful butterflies, she sees the one shes looking for. Suddenly a net appears in her hand, as she tries to capture it. Up and down, around and round, she chased it. Finally catching it in her net, her wings spead out, and she was off to the next star...

Fantasia had retrieved four of the items on her list. She was so excited. The last item was a pair of gold slippers. the slippers were in the Big Dipper, which would be hard to find, because it was a constalation of stars. Time was running out, and Fantasia was exhausted, from star jumping...

She makes it to the tip of the dipper, and takes a deep breath. " It's now or never! " She thought, as she took the first leap.

" That wasn't so hard! " She told herself, as she prepared for the next jump. " Just nine more to go."

The further in the dipper she got, the harder the jump. She finally makes it to the last star, and with everything inside her, she closes her eyes, and jumps.

When she opened her eyes, she was standing inside the Big Dipper. " Yeah! " She screamed, jumping up and down. " I cant believe i made it! "

Inside the dipper, was every kind of shoe you could imagine. It was the most difficult item to find, and Fantasia had a problem keeping up with shoes.

She stood there almost in tears, she realized there wasn't enough time left. She had to find the golden slippers, as quickly as she could. Suddenly she sees something sparkling, as the sun begins to rise. The sunlight was beaming off what ever it was. She walks closer to it, and her eyes widen, as she discovers it was the golden slippers.

Quickly she runs over, and grabs them. Her heart was beating rapidly, as her golden wings spread for her journey back to MoonGalaxy.

Fantasia made it back just in time. As she landed on the finish line, the sun was completely up. Queen Starlena, and all the fairies greeted her. They were excited to see she had completed the journey.

Her mother came running up to her, gave her a big hug. " I'm so proud of you Fantasia," she smiled.

Queen Starlena gave Fantasia a new name, and the most beautiful wings.

GalaxyMoon would one day be ruled by Queen StarJumper...

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