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Submitted: October 01, 2010

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Submitted: October 01, 2010





Earth was devastated by a shift in its axis after an enormous meteorite hit without warning. Black Silver stood upon the hill overlooking what was left of his territory. He was the leader of the Shadow Forest pack. They dwelled in the high country, within Shadow Forest.

Their enemy were the Emerald Valley wolves. Their leader, a white coat by the name of Snow, hated Black Silver, and for years conspired to destroy Black Silver and his pack.

Night fell upon the smoltering greenery, as the pack members salvaged what was left of the food and water supply. Black Silver sat alone. A weary look masked his face, as he thought about what he was going to do.

He knew they would have to leave Shadow Forest, and journey through Emerald Valley. It was the only route off the mountain, and he had to come up with a plan to defeat Snow and his pack of wolves. Not knowing how many members had survived the impact, Black Silver would have to send two of his members to spy on them while he thought up a plan of escape.

Snow's pack were day wolves, while Black Silvers hunted by night. He gathered his pack together, to tell them his plan." We cant survive on this mountain," his silver eyes teared up." I have a plan to journey through Emerald Forest to the Southern Valley." He was interupted by sighs and whimpers.

" Alpha!" Silvers concerned wife pleaded. ' Have you gone rabbid. We cant survive this journey. We'll be killed."

" Not if we're prepared, and careful." He replied to his weary wife, Skyheart." We must face them, there is no other way." He explained to them.

Mothers clung to their young, as Black Silver gave them all a portion of the scarce food ration." Eat well," he told them. " We journey tomorrow."

Black Silver sent two of his members down the mountain, then curled up beside his wife, and closed his weary eyes. He had to get as much rest as he could before morning. His pack was weak, and he had lost four of them during the impact.

Two hours passed, when the wolves strolled back to the pack. Black Silver met them at the edge of the mountain trail,as not to let the others hear what they had to report.

" Alpha," One spoke out of breath. " There are at least twelve of them." He panted, as he lapped a drink of water.

" What about Snow? " He asked, he was Black Silvers main concern.

The wolf told him that Snow was there, and that he over heard him conspiring to invade our territory, and take our rations." What will we do, they are many, and strong? " He asked afraid.

Black Silver saw his fear," do not be a feline! Fear will defeat you! " He told him angerily." We must be strong. We must fight, or we will die anyway. Look around you! "

The wolf understood, and accepted his instructions." Rest, we journey at light."

No-one rested, as the night went quickly by. At first light, Black Silver and his pack, left. They left behind their home, and their hearts.

The beginning of their journey was easy, as they slowly made their way down the mountain. Below, hidden amoung the brush, members of the Emerald Valley pack, watched them with death in their eyes.

Black Silver lead his pack down and around the barrier of Emerald Valley to the river that cut off their escape to freedom. The only access out was through Snows territory. Black Silver and his pack rested and finished the rest of the food, as they drank their fill of the river water.

He instructed the weaker of his pack to stay put with his wife and the young wolves. He had only half the members Snow had, so they had to be extremely clever if they were to win this battle.

He gave them final instructions and went over the territory with them. His oldest son, a half breed, he and Skyheart had adopted into the pack, his daughter Breezy, two male wolves, and another female, the daughter of one of the stronger wolves, were there and prepared to fight.

Black Silver knew Snow was aware of their presence, he could smell them a mile away. But he had positioned his strongest fighters in the only entrance to the river from the valley, and they were ready for them.

Black Silver hid behind a boulder that hung above the running water, as a wolf approached to drink. A few feet behind him three more came in. As they drank, unaware that they were there, Black Silver and his pack surrounded them.

Black Silver gave a low growl, to warn them. They quickly turned and was face to face with the Shadow Forest pack. Teeth shined, and eyes became red with fury.

Two of Black Silvers wolves stood behind them, and prepared to pounce them when given the word. The wolves eyes never left Black Silvers stare. He was the main wolf they were instructed to destroy.

Suddenly, Black Silver gave them last warning and he and his pack were on top of them. They fought tooth and nail for several minutes, when two more of Snows pack members joined the battle.

They began to howl to alert the others that the battle had begun. Soon Snow and the rest of his clan appeared and surrounded Black Silver and his pack. It was a two to one odds. They tore at one anotherripping flesh from the bone.

Slayed wolves lay here and there in a bloody pool. There were only three of Black Silvers members left, and three of Snows, as they continued to fight. Snow was at Black Silvers throat, as he slung him through the air. Snow quickly got his barrings and was on top of him again.

After twenty minutes of bloody battle, Black Silvers survivers watched as their leader exhaustedly ended Snows life.

It was done. Black Silver and his pack had defeated Snow and his pack. Black Silver had a serious wound in his side, as he lay down in panting exhaust. He had lost two of his pack members, his daughter quickly ran to get Skyheart.

Black Silver sat up and looked into his wifes eyes." We won," he told her enhausted." We defeated them."

Skyheart smiled and rubbed her face against her husbands." You were so brave," She whispered, as she began to lick his wounds.

Emerald Valley would be their territory now. The food source was much better than inthe mountains.

The meteorite had destroyed their home in the mountains and caused their food source to flee to the valley. They would survive here, that is until another pack tried to take it from them. But Black Silver would be ready for them.

A year after it hit, the mountain and the valley hadevolved. Black Silver and his pack evolved with it.

Sometimes on a dark and clear night, you will find him sitting on the mountain, proudly looking over the valley, and if your lucky, you wil see the silver moon shining behind his eyes.

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