BLOODY DEMISE ( DontPissMeOff's Horror Challenge )

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Cassie Andrews was a seventeen year old teen whose life sucked. She had personality disorder. She had two sides to her. A sweet and innocent one, and the other..Pure evil!

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010





Submission To DontPissMeOff's Horror Challenge

Cassie Andrews felt so misunderstood. That is, when she was being an angel. But when Lucas Stevens brought out the evil in her, she showed them all.. Just how much of a little devil she really was...

Cassie fought as the officers handcuffed her and placed her in their patrol car. She was in tears, as they brought her mother out on a stretcher. It was the worst murder scene they had ever witnessed.

Cassie pressed her forehead against the glass, and watched them put her in the ambulance. With blood slowly drying upon her skin, she still hadn't realized, it was she that did this horrible thing.

She cried, as her grandmother pointed and explained what had happened just minutes earlier. Cassie's mind went blank, and she tried desperately to remember what happened. " Granny! " She screamed with her angel face. Tears poured from her eyes, as her grandmother looked toward her grandaughters despair.

Cassie was diagnosed with personality disorder at the age of twelve. Her grandmother raised her up until she moved into a rundown apartment building with her mother. When Cassie turned seventeen, she decided to move in with her. Her thought it was a bad idea, because Cassie's mother was an alcoholic. It was why she took care of Cassie all those years in the first place.

Cassie and her grandmother fought all the time, and she knew when she turned seventeen, she couldn't do anything about her leaving. She was getting old, and tired of trying to make Cassie's life a better one. So many bad things had happened while Cassie was growing up. Evil things. Things people wouldn't think a little girl would dream of doing.

Cassie's grandmother had several cats, when she moved in with her grandmother. One by one the cats disappeared. A beautiful tropical Macaw bird, that had been in the family for years, that spoke perfect english. Witnessed Cassie killing one of the cats when she was nine years old. One night after Cassie went to bed, her grandmother was knitting, and watching an old movie on television.

She began to hum as she knitted, when the bird started talking. " Cassie bad bird! " He sang to grandmothers humming.

She looked toward her life long friend. " What did you say? " She asked the bird, not quite sure she heard right.

" Here kitty kitty, dead kitty! " His english plain and calm.

Cassie's grandmother was a smart woman. She realized at that moment, it was her grandaughter that did something to her cats. It frightened her to be alone with her, so she took Cassie to a doctor. The doctors diagnosed her to have split personality disorder. They prescribed hermedication, andforced herto see a psychiatrist.

Later that year, the bird turned up dead. Mysterous things happened through the years, as the doctors, and psychiatrists tried to help Cassie. One moment she would be an angel, and the next pure evil.

When Cassie first moved into the apartment building. She kept thinking how awefully rundown it was. It wasn't pretty and sparkling clean as her grandmothers home was, but she didn't care. She was free, free to come and go as she pleased.

She could see whom ever she wanted, and from the looks of the building, the pickings were slim. There was this one guy though, that Cassie liked. His name was Lucas. Cassie bumped into him on the elevator. They talked for a while, and agreed to go to a movie.

The two of them became very close til one day while looking out the window, Cassie spotted him talking to some girl. She became angry and jealous. The evil side of her began to emerge. She slammed her window shut, and glass shattered below where they were talking.

A large piece fell and hit the girl on the head. Blood splattered everywhere. Lucas called an ambulance, and they rushed her to the emergency room. The girl ended up getting fourty stitches in her head. The doctors told her she was lucky, It could have been worse. She could have been killed.

Cassie's angel side came out when she visited her at the hospital. She lied about even seeing them together, let alone be the one to cause it.

Lucas and Cassie left the hospital, and was headed back home, when Cassie asked him if he liked her.

" Sure! " He smiled. " I like you a lot."

" Well then why are you talking to other girls? " She asked him upset.

Lucas explained, that the girl was just an old school mate. But Cassie wouldn't believe him, It was killing her inside. The thought of him with her was bringing the devil out in her. The more she thought about it, the more mad she became.

Before getting on the elevator, Lucas wanted to see how far Cassie would go, to give him sex. He pinned her against the elevator door, and began to kiss her.

Cassie was shocked, she had never been kissed like that before. She gently pushed away. " Not here! " She bashfully giggled.

" Then where! " His eyes marbled over with desire.

" Meet me here later tonight, after my mother is passed out." She smiled.

Later that night, after Cassie's mother drank herself into a drunken coma. Cassie got dressed for bed. The apartments had to share the same bathroom. Each floor had its own bathroom, and Cassie had to go really bad, before going to bed.

She dressed in her pink nightie, bunny slippers, and grabbed her teddy bear. The teddy bear made her feel safe. She made her way to the bathroom, when she runs into Lucas. He stared at her, his eyes fixed on her chest. Her perky breast reflected her nipples through the sheer nightie.

" What are you looking at? " She asked him defensively. It made her feel uncomfortable watching him stare at her breast.

Unaware of her illness, Lucas looked at her funny and started back to his apatment. " That bitch! ! " He mummbled walking away. Cassie heard what he said.

" Did you just call me a bitch? " She asked him angerily.

Lucas couldn't understand how one minute she was all over him, and the next second be so defensive. He wanted to make love to her, and now he was left out in the cold.

Cassie came flying out of the bathroom, It was disgusting. Someone had stopped the bowl up and the floor was flooded. She knew she would have to go to another floor, and use their bathroom.

She yelled for Lucas to hold the elevator. She quickly got on as the door shut. Lucas lived on the fifth floor, and Cassie on the second. She stood quietly waiting for the elevator to reach their destination, as she had to pee really bad.

Lucas was looking at her chest again. This time Cassie was getting turned on by him watching her breast jiggle as the elevator vibrated. She became hot with desire, she wanted Lucas so bad. She dropped teddy to the floor, and jumped into Lucas'es arms. He fell against the wall, as Cassie began to unzip his pants. He moaned with pleasure, as she massaged him.

" You like that? " She whispered in his ear. Lucas couldn't speak, he didn't want to interrupt the moment. He was caught up in getting off, he hadn't noticed the large blade Cassie held in her right hand.

Lucas was about to explode in pleasure when he felt something warm and wet between his legs. It wasn't Cassie, as he had hoped, but the spirting of blood coming from where his penis used to be.

He looked at her in a daze, as he realized she had cut it off. He slid slowly down the elevator wall with his penis in his hand. Cassie had a look of emptiness in her eyes, as she pushed the button to the second floor.

When the doors opened. she got off with an innocent look on her face. Teddy held the knife tightly in his bloody hands, his eyes red as the blood that filled the elevator. Cassie walked toward her apartment with his bloody hand print on her nightie, leaving Lucas lying dead, with his limpmanhood in his hand.

Cassie continued to live with her mother, until her evil side took complete control of her mind.

As the police car drove away, Cassie gave the officer who was taking her to the hospital, where she would spend the rest of her life, an evil and calculated sneer.


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