Fall Into Love

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Fall Into Love

Rani Whithers thought her life was over. The past summer she met and fell in love with Thorn Rogers, whom destroyed her relationship with her best friend Megan.

After finding out he had an affair with her best friend, Rani left New York and moved in with her Aunt in Seattle. She didn't like it much at first, until she met Trevor Stevens. Trevor was a little older than she, but boy was he hot.

Rani felt awkward when he was near her, but a nice kind of awkward. He made he feel like a little girl with a big crush. She liked it, she liked it alot.

Rani sat in he room ignoring the constant phone calls from Thorn and her best friend Megan. They were the last two people she wanted to talk to.

She lay across her bed looking over some pictures she and they had taken this past summer. " We look so happy," Rani cried as she brushed her fingers across Trevors face. " I really thought we had a special relationship," as she threw them across the room and broke down in tears.

Her Aunt walked in and noticed she was crying," Are you alright Rani? " She asked in her loving and concerned tone.

Rani sat up and brushed the tears from her cheek," I'll be fine Aunt Stella," she lied.

Aunt Stella sat next to her and began to tell her of her first break-up. " I was seventeen and so much in love. It was in the Fall, I was a senior in college and his name was Steve." Stella laughed softly, " He was a little dorky, but I really liked him. Anyway, we dated for about a year, when I found out he cheated on me with a cheer leader. I was heart broken. I learned that young love doesn't last, and I believe we are put through these types of situations so we can grow and mature into more responsable adults."

 Stella placed her hand softly on Rani"s shoulder and glanced out the window," Yes we grow and mature," as Rani's eyes followed hers and noticed Trevor raking fallen leaves in a pile.

 Stella looked at her niece and smiled," looks like Trevor could use a little help, dont you? "

Rani returned the smile and grabbed her jacket. It was a beautiful day and the leaves had turned golden shades of fall colors. It was nothing like New York. The air was much fresher and the scenery was breathtaking.

Trevor was putting the leaves in large garden bags when Rani approached him. She leaned against the concrete building and watched him as he smiled up at her, " Are you gonna help or not? " He asked in his deep and sexy voice.

" Sure," Rani replied. " What do you want me do? "

Trevor laughed, " You're doing it already." He smiled again.

" Doing what?" Rani asked confused.

Trevor put down the rake, and walked over to Rani who was leaned against the concrete wall. Her golden blonde hair shimmered in the sun, and her eyes reflected the fall sky. He placed his strong yet gentle hand upon her face, ' Making me crazy," he whispered.

The two of them stared into each others eyes for a while, then their lips met. It felt so right. It felt so real. Rani forgot about all her problems back in New York and thought about what her Aunt Stella told her.

Some things happen for a reason, and Rani realized it happened to her for that very reason. She was meant to meet Trevor, she was meant to fall in love with the right guy, and Trevor was the right guy, she could feel it.

Rani and Trevor sat and talked in a pile of golden leaves for hours. Fall is a beautiful time year, a perfect time to fall into love.

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