I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes

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Based on areosmiths song " I Don't Want To Miss A Thing."

Submitted: June 13, 2011

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Submitted: June 13, 2011



I Don't Want To Close My Eyes

Rani Weathers was shocked and confused when she found out the sweetest and most popular guy in school was interested in her.

She wasn't the prettiest girl, nor the richest. But she was honest, sweet, and cared about people. Which is what Rick Chambers needed at the moment. How was he to know he would fall in love with her. How was Rani to know, that deep down inside, she liked him too.

Rani woke early and qickly dressed. She couldn't be late for band practice again, or she would be kicked out for good.

Her cell phone began to sing as she was about to walk out the door. It was her friend Lacey Smith.

" Hey! Guess What?" She laughed into the phone.

"I don't have time for guessing games, Lacy. I'm in a hurry."

"You have time for this," she giggled.

Ok, I'm listening, but hurry."

"You know Debrah Adams,right?"

"Yes, I think so, why?"

"Well she over heard Cindy telling Marcey Raines, that Rick liked you. Can you believe that! " She sighed, and become very quiet.

"Rick who?" Rani asked, knowing who he was, but not believing it.

" Rick Chambers, you dodo! "

Rani sighed, and told her not to believe rumors. There was no way Rick Chambers had a crush on her. Not when there were plenty more prettier and richer girls he could have his pick from.

" Look Lacey. I'm not interested in rumors. I have to get to band practice, I'll call you after school." Rani closed her phone and hurried to Langston High.

Rani made it just in time before band captain Henderson arrived. Band had been her first period all year, and she really needed to pass this class if she was going to take part in the annual parade at the end of the school semester.

Rani played the drums, and she loved it. She was good, but she needed the extra credits to have a spot in the parade. Practice had taken a lot of her time, and she didn't have a moment to spend with her friends.

She decided to skip her other class'es and call Lacey. It had begun to rain as she loaded her drums and equipment in her car. As she bent to pick up herpink tote filled with drum-sticks and straps, a voice ask if she needed help.

Rani turned to find a drenched, dark and sexy guy behind her, beneath a blackumbrella. It was Rick.

Rick looked at her. She was so beautiful and amazing all wet, with strings of black strands falling in her eyes. To him, she couldn't have been more beautiful.

" Can I help you with those things," he asked with a smile that could stop the rain.

"Umm, sure. Thanks!" Rani replied nervously.

Rick helped put the last her band equipment into the car."Do you remember me?" He asked, as he brushed a wet curl from her eyes.

Rani felt a wave of warmth flow through her body,"Of course I remember you. How could I forget?" She smiled through rain soaked lips.

" Could we get out of this storm and grab something warm to drink? Maybe coffee or cocoa." He told her hoping she would accept.

"Well," Rani hesitated. "I guess it would be alright. I am kinda cold."

The two of them decided to take Ricks car. They drove to the nearest diner, and ordered hot chocolate with whip cream on top. Rani began to slowly warm up," so what are you doing these days? " She asked, not really knowing what to say to him.

She and Rick talked for hours. He was scared to tell her just yet how he felt about her. He didn't want to scare her off. Secretly he has had a crush on Rani since Junior High school. He was always too afraid to let his feelings show being surrounded by people all the time.

Rani had alway thought Rick was out of her league. She wasn't that popular, and most of his girl friends were much prettier than her. She secretly liked Rick too.

Rani watched Rick sip on his chocolate, leaving a white foamy mustache above his pink lips. She laughed softly, and her face turned red when Rick smiled and wiped it on his napkin.

"You have a beautiful smile," he winked and took another sip.

After realizing how late it was getting, Rani told Rick she would have to go. He took her hand,"can I see you again?" he whispered and looked into eyes.

"Umm, sure. That would be nice." She agreed with a bashful smile.

"Good," he laughed."Tomorrow night, eight o-clock."

Rani agreed to go out with Rick. He took her back to her car, and reached to kiss her goodnight. Rani let him. She was more than eager to feel his soft lips on hers. The kiss was much more than she could have ever expected. She felt her heart began to beat faster. Her body surrended to his tongue inside her mouth, as it made tiny circles around her own tongue. His body softly pressed against hers, made the moment even more exciting.

Suddenly he stopped, leaving her mesmerized." I'll see you tomorrow," he smiled and drove away.

Rani stood there dazed. It was the most wonderful kiss she had ever experienced. Never in her whole life, had she ever been kissed like that before.

She was still in a daze, when she pulled into her drive-way. Her cell phone began to sing again. It was Lacey.

This time she quickly answered it. Before Lacey could speak, Rani began to tell her about what had just happened.

Never had she thought that someone like Rick would be interested in her. But he was, and now she was going on a date with him.

"I'm so happy for you Rani. I told you it wasn't a rumor." She jokingly laughed.

The next day, she couldn't concentrate on anything but Rick. Even her band credits wasn't that important anymore. She was on a cloud and never wanted to come back down.

It seemed like eight o-clock would never come. She dressed in her sexy little black dress, and curled her long black hair. Her make-up was perfect, and she sprayed Endless Love by Victoria Secret in the cleft of her breast. She didn't want over do it, and it seemed like the obvious spot.

Rani was terribly nervous, and had sipped on a glass of wine to calm her nerves. She didn't realize that it was the third glass. She began to feel a little tipsy.

Suddenly the door-bell rang. She sat her glass of wine down, and opened the door. Rick stood there wearing his usual sexy smile. The wine had went to her head,causing her to feel a little numb and too relaxed. He was only making it worse.

Rani's parents were gone for the weekend, so she had the house to herself. It was the perfect opportunity to spend some private time with Rick. A perfect situation to see where he was going with their date. She was curious to know what he had in mind.

" Sit down, please. Would you like a glass of wine? "She asked, pouring a glass before he could answer.

Rick had noticed she had a few already, and gulped the first glass down. He sat the empty glass down, as Rani filled it to the brim again.

She sat next to him as close as she could." Why are you here? I mean, why me, Rick?"

Rick didn't answer, he just leaned over toward her.

He could smell the scent of her perfume, and it with the wine, made him feel a yearning inside. He leaned a littlecloser, and snuggled his nose on her neck. He was like a bloodhound sniffing a trail. When he finally found the source of the perfume, and where it lingered from. He placed his nose between her breast.

They found themselves naked and embracing in a world of their own. They were lost in one another, wrapped up in sensual bliss.

After hours of love making and another bottle of wine, Rani fell asleep.

Rick lie there watching her breath. He couldn't fall asleep. He didn't want to. He didn't want this moment to ever end. He wondered what she was dreaming. If it was him that filled her dreams. He wanted to be by her side forever. He loved her with all his heart and soul. He always had.

Rani woke to him watching her,"didn't you get any sleep?" She sleepily yawned.

Rick kissed her softly on the forehead and whispered. "I didn't want to fall asleep. I couldn't miss a moment of this. Because I'd miss you, and I don't want to miss a thing about you."

Rani never guessed she'd find happiness with someone she thought had never noticed her. But Rick had liked her for quite a while. He just thought that a girl like Rani would never give him a chance. It's funny how love can strike even the most different of people.

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