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This is for fairiegirls christmas story challenge.

Submitted: November 11, 2009

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Submitted: November 11, 2009




Sarah, my seven year old daughter came running down the stairs.

" Mommy! " She sang. " Tomorrow is Christmas! "

" Yes it is," I laughed at her as she danced around the tree.

She jumped into my arms and gave me a loving hug. It was the first Christmas we would spend without Brian.

" Mommy? " She asked with tear filled eyes. " Why cant daddy be here, with us this Christmas? "

" He has to work honey, you know that." I told her missing him too. " Dont worry sweety, he may still make it."

I really did miss Brian. This was the longest hes ever been away from us. Being in sales is a very stressful and time consuming job.

He was so desperate to finish up his work in Chicargo, to be here for Christmas, with us. With his little girl. Sarah was his world, and he hers. They were both mine, and I missed him terribly.

Christmas Eve was nearly gone, and so were my hopes of him making it home in time.

" Sarah, its eight-thirty. Time for you to go back to bed. You want santa to come, dont you? " I looked and she had already fallen to sleep. " Ok christmas angel, Off to bed with you. "

I carried Sarah up the stairs and put her in her bed. I tucked her in and put her teddy bear beside her. " Sweet dreams you two," I whispered, turning off the light.

I made my way back to my cup of cocoa, and the comfort of the sofa. The sofa had been my bed since Brian left. I just cant sleep in our bed alone.

I hated the fact my husband would miss spending Christmas away from us. Especially Sarah. Christmas was an emotional time for me. I lost my parents to an automobile accident when I was about Sarahs age. So I know how she feels.

I pulled the blanket over me and watched the lights blinking on and off through the christmas tree. Over the fireplace hang three stockings with our names on them. The flicker of the fire danced across the room. It was so mesmerizing and beautiful.

I cried myself to sleep, and dreamed I was in Brians arms. We were standing under the mistletoe, kissing. Sarah was opening presents, and so happy. I was happy too.

Suddenly, a noise coming from the kithchen woke me. I sat up startled. It was too late to get something to defend myself, so I squeezed back under the blanket, hoping whom ever it was wouldn't see me.

A figure of a large man stood in the doorway. I shivered in fear. All I could think about was Sarah. " God please..." Suddenly the lights came on.

My mouth fell open in disbelief, when I saw it was Brian dressed in a santa suit.

" Brian! " I yelled excited.

" Shhhh! " He whispered, holding up the mistletoe. " Come give santa a great big kiss," laughing quite jolly.

There was no hesitation, I flew into his arms. I had never felt so happy.

I gave santa a long awaited kiss. " I really missed you Brian," kissing him again.

Suddenly, we were interupted by Sarah.

" Mommy! " She gasped, holding her teddy bear, and starring in disbelief. Her face held an expression of shock.

I guess in a childs eyes, this would be an awkward situation.

Brian turned towards Sarah, and pulled down his beard. " Merry Christmas angel! "

" Daddy! " She screamed in surprise. " Your here! "

Sarah dropped her bear to the floor, and jumped into Brians arms.

Brians eyes were filled with joyful tears. Thankful tears.

I was so overwhelmed with relief. This is what Christmas is suppose to feel like. Joyful, not sad.

Only please. Dont get caught kissing Santa Claus.



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