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Jasmine and her friends realized Jaidyn was missing. After getting drunk at her Birthday party. Jaidyn decided to rest in Connies room awhile. Jaidyn had the best party of her life. She made love with the man she had always loved. What went wrong? Where did Jaidyn disappear to? Who was the shadow in the woods?

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009





The Birthday party at the cottage went well. Jaidyn spent the entire night with Bryan. They danced. Had a few drinks, and ended up making out in Connies room. Bryan had to leave,and told Jaidyn he would see her the next day. Jaidyn went back to her party, and began drinking a few more drinks. She was enjoying the music, and having fun. But she just couldn`t stop thinking about the figure in the woods. She still had that eerie feeling. She became ill, and decided to rest in Connies room until Jasmine was ready to go. Jaidyn was pretty tipsy from the drinking, so Jasmine helped her to the bed. Jasmine told her she would check on her later, and went back to the party. But when Jasmine opened the door. Jaidyn wasn`t there. She searched everywhere. Jasmine had everyone searching for Jaidyn...

The DJ stopped playing songs, and joined in the search. Jasmine cried, " Where could she be. I left her asleep. How can she be here one second, and be gone the next. " Jasmine kept blaming herself. " I should have taken her home? Why didn`t I just take her home? She cried."

Jasmine decided, It was time to call the police. She was so upset, she kept giving them the wrong directions. Connie took the phone demanding she sit down, and get control of herself... After Connie hung up the phone. She sat next to Jasmine. Connie took her, and held her. Trying to calm her down. Connie assured her it wasn`t her fault.

" Honey, Connie whispered. You cant blame yourself for this."

"It makes sense now. Jasmine kept saying."

What? Connie asked. What makes sense? "

Jasmine looked at Connie with tears streaming down her face. " When we arrived. Jaidyn told me she had an eerie feeling, and that she thought she saw a shadow or a figure at the edge of the woods. Jaidyn was feeling nervious about it."

"Yes! Connie agreed. I remember Jaidyn saying something about it. I believe she was joking around, and laughing about how it was probably just someone taking a pee. Jasmine! Connie grabbed her. You have to tell this to the police. "

Jasmine realized she had to call Jaidyn`s grandparents. She knew they wouldn`t take it well. After she explained the situation to them.She knew she had broken a promise. A promise she vowed to never break. She promised Jaidyn to never let her grandparents know about her drinking. Jaidyns parents were killed by a drunk driver. Her grandparents were very much against alcohol abuse. The very thing that took Jaidyns parents.

The police finally arrived at the cottage. There were at least five patrol cars. You could hear the sirens echoe through the woods. A detective ask Jasmine a lot of questions. What Jaidyn did during the party? Who did she talk to? Did she leave with anyone?

Jasmine interrupted him." It wasn`t like that, " she told him.

Jasmine explained how Jaidyn felt when they arrived. About the shadow in the woods. She told him everything. Even about Bryan, and Jaidyn making out.

" I see! The detective frowned. You know, we get calls like this all the time. You told me she just turned seventeen today. Right! "

" Yes, Jasmine agreed."

"Well, then she probably just left with this Bryan fellow, the detective assumed."

"Jaidyn wouldn`t do that, Jasmine replied."

The detective ask Jasmine more questions, about the party. She knew they would be in deep trouble. Underage drinking was against the law, and Jaidyn was only seventeen.

" How well did Jaidyn know this Bryan guy? He asked.

Years, Jasmine told him. They met at a party a few years back. Jaidyns had a crush on him for quite some time, Jasmine explained. They finally got together tonight. "

The detective being satisfied with his report. Instructed his deputys to spread out, and comb every inch of the property. " We have to find this girl, he demanded. You three go search the edge of the woods." There were at least twelve deputys determined to find a clue....The sun began to come up. Everyone was exhausted, and still no sign of Jaidyn. Jaidyns disappearence had hit the news. Now there were hundreds of concerned people searching for Jaidyn. They spread out for miles. Dogs were used to track the woods. They were on horseback, and ATVs. They searched on foot,and in the air. People were bringing food, and bottled water. Everybody got involved. Still no sign of Jaidyn.

The detective finished talking to one of the Deputys when he walks over to Jasmine, and Jaidyns grandparents. Jasmine could tell by the look on the detectives face. They had found something... He was holding a brightly colored scarf in his hand. Jasmine grabbed It.

" That`s Jaidyns! she told him. I gave it to her last year."

Jaidyns grandparents were terrified." Where did you find it? They cried."

"One of my Deputys found it a couple of feet into the woods. Your sure this belongs to Jaidyn, he ask."

"Yes. I`m sure. Jasmine assured him. "

It was apparent to everyone by now. Jaidyn was kidnapped...

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