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This is a submission to Lailas booksie challenge. Laila give me two random lines. At the beginning and the ending of this short story. She also gave two characteristics. Talented, and spoilt. This is my first short story challenge. Hope it meets Lailas exspectations. I present to you. BOBBIES PLACE. By: Angellynn

Submitted: January 26, 2009

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Submitted: January 26, 2009




Submission to Lailas booksie challenge

Short Story By: Angellynn

" I don't dislike Kate, I despise her." Those were my thoughts when Kate walked into the bar. Kate was a spoiled little rich girl. She has always got everything she ever wanted. I on the other hand, have had to work my tail off for just for the simple things in life. It just makes me sick. Kate makes me sick. I`m a bartender at a local club called Bobbies Place. Mrs. Bobbie passed away some years ago. Her son Charlie took the business over. And has really been doing well with it. Charlie is a really nice guy to work for. When I interviewed for the job. Charlie was in a bind for a good bartender. He gave me the job, And well, here I am. I`ve been working here for a year now, And I love it. There are lots of good people who hang out here. I`ve made quite alot of friends, maybe a few enemies. Jealous wives mostly.

"It is`nt easy being talented, and beautiful."

I was mixing a Russian, when Kate approached the bar. " Hi Amy. Looks like it may be a good turn out tonight."

" Yep! I said sarcastically, Looks like."

"I`ll have a Fuzzy Navel, If you don't mind."

"Figures, I though. Coming right up, Kate. " As I handed Kate her drink, I noticed the time. It read 6:30. "Oh no!" I yelled, running to the mic. I`m sorry guys. Happy Hour is over. You don't have to go home, But you cant stay here". I had an hour and a half to clean up, and set up for tonight. We always have a live band on Saturday nights. this band however. Has come a long way to be here tonight. Charlie says their pretty good." I have to get these people out of here. Everbody come on. OUT! OUT! OUT! I have to close up, and get ready for tonight. Come back, and bring a friend. OK! "

I was so exhausted. I thought." How am I going to make it till 2am."

It wasn`t my job to play floor bouncer. I screamed." Where is Jeff? He was suppose to be here an hour ago." But as usual he`s late. Jeff was a huge teddy bear. He was really good at his job, If you could get him here to do it. Kate was still sipping on her drink, when I walked over to the table. "You gotta go Kate. I have a lot of things to do before tonight.

"I know she replied. Charlie called me, and ask me if I come help you out tonight."

"Oh really! I said surprised. Funny. He did`nt mention it to me."

Kate stood up. " Well he left you a message. Did`nt`t you get it?"

"No. I did`nt get it." There goes that sarcasm again." I found the message Charlie had left for me. Somehow it had ended up on the floor. The message read. "Amy, I ask Kate to help you out tonight. I couldn`t reach you by phone earlier. I hope its alright. I had an emergency come up, and I couldn`t put it off. Now I`ll try and make it back in time to help out. But if not, you know what to do. I`m so very sorry. Love, Charlie....

P.S." I want you to know I appreciate all the hard work you`ve been doing. Please show Kate the ropes. Again I`m sorry I cant be there. Good luck Amy."

I layed the note down on the bar, and locked the entrance door." Amy, Kate assured. I`ve done this kind of work before. I know you don't like me much, But for Charlie, Can we be friends, at least for tonight." I was shocked. I couldn`t believe I was hearing Kate thinking about someone else other than herself for a change. Maybe this will work. I thought. I handed Kate a list of drink prices. "See if you can learn some of them before tonight."

"Thats OK Amy, I know pretty much all the prices anyway."

" Ok then, I said relieved. Lets go to the back and find you a uniform. " After reaching Charlie's office, I sifted through the uniforms, finally finding one that would fit Kate....

Kate noticed Charlie's safe behind his desk." Wow! Kate yelled. Thats a huge safe. "

" Yeah. I guess it is. Come on Kate, I hear the band starting to arrive." I closed the office door. And locked it. I instructed Kate to set up the tables, While I stocked the bar. The band was rehearsing, and Charlie was right . They sounded really good. The clock read 7:30. Jeff had arrived. And people were starting to fill up the bar. Jeff took his place by the door. And the band began to play.

"Amy this is great ," Kate shouted over the music.

" Yes I shouted. It is."

While I was taking Kate's order, I heard a familiar voice. It was Dennis. Dennis was an old flame of mine. Our relationship ended pretty badly." You look tired Amy," Dennis grinned.

" I am tired Dennis. Some of us have to actually work for a living." I said sarcastically.

Dennis just kept grinning at me." I`ll have a beer he finally ask. Tap is fine. "

"Cheap skate," I thought."

As I placed the beer in front of him. He grabbed my hand. " I`ve missed you Amy...."

What the heck! Dennis," I yelled,jerking my hand away.

"Touchy, Touchy, Aren't we." Dennis sneered.

Ignoring him, I continued mixing drinks. When I turned to give Kate her order, Dennis was gone. The night was almost over. And everyone was starting to leave.

The band played the last song for the night. The clock read a quarter to two. As the band finished the song, I announced, "last call for alcohol." I paid the band leader, and they were quickly gone. Poor Kate was sitting in a chair rubbing her feet. Some guy was trying to get her to go home with him. I let Kate sit there and stew, before I had Jeff escort him out the door. I let Jeff out, and locked the door behind him. " Kate, as soon as we finish cleaning up we can go home.

"We racked up tonight, huh Amy." Kate smiled.

"We did pretty good. I made a few drops. How did you do on tips?" I asked.

" Not bad. I lost interest after my feet started hurting," Kate frowned.

"Turn in your money I laughed. I`ll get the drawer, and make a final drop."

As Kate was counting her money. I heard a noise coming from the back. " What was that? I thought. Kate, I whispered. Did you hear that?"

"No, she answered. What was it?"

Everyone had left except Kate and me. " What is it Amy?" Kate began to ease closer to me.

"I don't know," I whispered.

I was shaking now, and very scared. " Kate grabbed hold of me so hard, she left a bruise. We began to tip toe to wards the back. I grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels. Not to drink, but to bust it over somebody's head. If need be. About that time, Dennis pops out and grabs the bottle out of my hand.

" Dennis! Whats going on," I asked puzzled. Dennis opened the bottle of Jack, and took a gulp. Wiping his mouth on his sleeve. Kate burst out laughing. As I turned to face her, Dennis grabbed me throwing me to my knees. The pain of his grip shot through me , causing me to submit to his commands. In tears, I ask Kate "why? "

" Kate your family has plenty of money, I told her."

"Yes! They do. she yelled. But mommy, and daddy, decided they were`nt going to give it to me anymore. You know me Amy. Spoiled little rich girl. I cant even get into my trust fund till I`m 25. I`m 20. I cant wait that long Amy. Besides. I know Charlie has quite a chunk of change in that safe of his." Kate laughed.

I tried to escape Dennis`s grip, but the more i fought, the deeper he sunk his fingers. The pain was unbearable.

"Anyway Amy. What do you care. You`ve never liked me. "

"Thats for sure," I thought to myself.

"Dennis told me all about how you despise me." By the way Amy! I`m the girl Dennis was seeing behind your back," Kate smirked. I`m the reason you two broke up."

I couldn`t believe what I was hearing." So all this was a setup. You two planned this."

Kate started laughing again." Yeah! Brilliant huh."

"Thats not all Amy," Dennis interrupted.

"What ?" I cried.

Dennis laughed. " You just don't get it. You were too busy trying to impress Charlie. You aren't very bright after all. Ok Dennis said. First of all. Why would Kate want to help you out? Second, has Charlie ever not called you about something this important."

"What about the message?" I asked.

"I wrote that, Kate giggled. Pretty good huh?"

Wheres Charlie?" I screamed.

Dennis jerked me to my feet." Don't you worry about Charlie, Amy. Now about the safe."

Kate led the way to Charlie's office. I was trying my best to stay calm. I wanted so badly to get my hands on Kate. When we entered Charlie's office, Kate was already standing next to the safe. She had put on some gloves, and had a pillow case in her hand. Dennis shoved me to my knees again. I knelt there scared, and crying uncontrollably. I looked at Kate, pleading with my eyes. My heart sank, as I knew I was going to die. Just like Charlie, a horrible death.

Kate then ask softly, "Whats the combination?" I could see a single tear fall from her eyes. Dennis brandished a knife, and held it to my neck....



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