Little Red Riding Hood In- Picking Wild Flowers!

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Submission to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Revised with a twist! In part, by Charles Perruits version.

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



Little Red Riding Hood In- Picking Wild Flowers!

Red Riding Hood lived in a run-down country village. She was such a beautiful and charming creature. She lacked common sense, but was very smart.

Her mother adored her, and her grandmother was very proud of her. After seeing Red had gotten straight As in school, her mother made some special cakes to celebrate her report card. Now Reds grandmother was so proud of her, she bought Red a new red hoodie and shiny new bike with a purple basket on the handle bars.

Reds mother ask her to take her grandmother a cake and some butter to see if she liked the new recipe.

So Red slipped on her red hoodie, grabbed the cake and butter, put it in the purple basket, jumped on her bike, and headed through the forest to granmothers house.

Red was scared of the dark forest, and her grandmother lived in the next village beyond it. So she took a deep breath and began to peddle as fast as she could up and down the trail.

Suddenly a wolf jumped out. Red slammed on her brakes nearly taking a spill. The cake and butter nearly fell out of the basket.

Now the wolf had a mind to eat Red, but he couldn't because there were loggers cutting trees in the area, " Where are you going in such a hurry my dear? " He asked the frightened girl.

Not realizing the wolf was dangerous, Red replied. " I'm going to my grandmothers house to give her this cake and butter. She's ill, and my mother asked me to."

The wolf licked his snout, " your grandmother lives in the village beyond the forest? "

" Yes," Red answered. " The first house to the left."

" Well I want to go to grandmothers house too. You go that way, and I'll go this way. We'llsee who makes it there first."He told her and ran quickly away down a shorter trail.

Red started peddling her bike as fast as she could to beat the wolf to her grandmothers house. Suddenly she saw a batch of her grandmothers favorite wild flowers, and decided to stop and pick a bunch for her. She knew her bike was faster than the wolf, so she picked them quickly and continued on to grandmothers house.

Meanwhile the wolf had made it to grandmother house and knocked on the door, " tap, tap, tap! "

" Who's tapping on my door? " The old woman replied.

Disguising his voice, the wolf answered. " It is I, Red Riding Hood. Mother sent me over to bring you cake and butter."

Now grandmother was in bed sick with a terrible cold. " Pull the rope and the latch will go up." She sniffled.

So the wolf pulled the rope and the door opened. He quickly jumped atop the old woman and gobbled her down. Not one morsel was left of her.

He grabbed her cap and gown, slipped them on, hid beneath the blanket, and waited for Red to arrive.

Meanwhile, coming out of the forest, with the basket of cake, butter, and a bunch of wild flowers, Red finally made it to her granmothers house. A long time friend of hers noticed her, and began strike up conversation.

She went on and on about how beautiful Reds shiny bike was, and she totally loved her bright red hoodie. Her friend had just gotten a new ipod, and played a rap song for Red. Red loved rap music. Realizing the time, she said goodbye to her friend and knocked on grandmothers door.

Now the wolf had become quite sick, he had a runny nose, and a terrible cough. "Tap, tap, tap! "

The wolf cleared his throat," Who's tapping on my door at this hour? "

" It is I, Red Riding Hood! "

" Well you know how to open the door, come in my dear."

Red pulled on the rope, and the door opened.

" Why grandmother, are you ill. You don't look yourself today."

The wolf whom was very ill, and still very much hungry replied, " I have but a slight cold my child. Come closer,"he sniffled.

" I have cake and butter mother made for you. Along the way I picked you these beautiful wild flowers," handing her the bouquet.

" Why granmother, what big ears you have? "

" all the better to hear you with my child."

" Why grandmother, what big red eyes you have? "

" All the better to see you with," the wolf replied rubbing his irritated eyes.

" Why grandmother, what big teeth you have? "

" All the better to eat you with my dear! " And he jumped up and grabbed Red.

Suddenly the wolf let out a huge sneeze and Reds grandmother popped out of the wolfs mouth.

" Why grandmother, what were you doing in the wolfs mouth?"

The wolf jumped out the window, and flew through the woods never to be seen again.

Grandmother and Red ate cake and butter, and enjoyed the scent of the wild flowers, even though they made them sneeze.


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